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Page Title: Special requirements
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data. Technical data shall be limited to specifications and technical material, identical to that
furnished to the authorized company representatives for selection of vehicle models and
components, and shall be available in the engineering offices of the procuring activity prior to
delivery of the items. The chassis model furnished shall be not older than the chassis
manufacturer's current model on the date of invitation for bids.
3.1.1 Special requirements. In addition to the standard vehicle and components specified in
3.1, the vehicle shall be furnished with special equipment as specified herein.
* Treatment and painting. The vehicle shall be treated and painted in accordance with
MIL-STD-1223. As specified by the procuring activity for the appropriate military service
(see 6.2), the exterior color shall be in accordance with MIL-STD-1223.
* Marking and data plates. As specified by the procuring activity for the appropriate
military service (6.2), identification marking and data plates shall be in accordance with
MIL-STD-1223. When specified (see 6.2), concealed markings shall be furnished. Rustproofing. The vehicle shall be rustproofed in accordance with FED-STD-297.
When specified (see 6.2), tropical rustproofing in accordance with FED-STD-297 shall be
furnished. Drain plugs. Drain plugs installed in the transmission and rear axles shall be of the
permanent magnet type.
* Towing devices. Towing devices consisting of two hooks, loops, eyes or pins or the
chassis manufacturer's standard single center mounted eye or pin shall be mounted on the front of
the vehicle. When specified (see 6.2), in addition, towing devices shall be mounted on the rear of
the vehicle. All towing devices shall be frame rail mounted or reinforced back to each frame rail.
* Wheel splash and stone throw protection. The vehicle shall have rigid quarter-fenders
to the front of the rear wheels and rubber mud flaps to the rear of the rear wheels. Mud flaps and
their extension supports shall be readily removable, to increase landing wheel clearance, without
the use of hand tools. The quarter-fenders need extend down only to the height of the centerline
of the rear axle. Cab shall have rubber mud flaps to the rear of the front wheels. All splash shield
and mud flap installations, front and rear, shall conform to the rear wheel splash and stone throw
protection provisions of SAE J682. A metal strip not less than .125 inch thick and not less than
1 inch wide, extending the entire width of the mud flap, shall be installed to prevent the bolt heads
or bolt nuts from damaging the mud flap. As an alternate method of attaching the mud flaps, tabs
or clips with minimum surface contact dimensions of 1 inch high by 1.25 wide by 0.094 inch thick
shall be furnished at each bolt.

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