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Page Title: Semitrailer lighting cable
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MIL-T-62276C Alternator. Unless otherwise specified (see 6.2), a minimum 85 ampere alternator
shall be furnished. The alternator output with the engine at idle speed shall be not less than
60 amperes. Lighting. All vehicle lights, reflectors and wiring shall be in accordance with Federal
Motor Carrier Safety Regulations 393.13, 393.19, 393.20 and 393.22 through 396.26(d). Lights
and reflectors shall not be mounted on the vehicle bumpers (unless recessed and fully protected).
* Turn signals. Turn signal lamps shall conform to SAE J588. Operating units shall
conform to SAE J589, class A, and shall be mounted on the steering column. Turn signals units
shall be installed in accordance with SAE J588. Turn signal units shall be visible and audible in
combination with the towed vehicle and shall be visible when not in combination with the towed
vehicle. Turn signal operating units shall have visible and audible type flash indicators. Semitrailer lighting cable. The semitrailer lighting cable shall conform to SAE J1067
and shall incorporate a connector conforming to SAE J560 on the semitrailer end. The cable shall
be coiled and shall have a length of not less than 180 inches when fully extended. The SAE J560
connector shall include a grip for withdrawing from the semitrailer receptacle. Stowage for the
cable shall be provided by means of a hook and hanging loop or protective holding bracket.
When the hook and loop method is used, the cable shall be furnished with a hanging loop, so
attached as to insure that the plug is pointed down when the jumper cable is stowed in the hook
provided on the rear of the truck tractor cab or on a pogo stick type hose tender. A protective
bracket, when furnished, shall be mounted at the rear of the cab, below the roof line, and shall
hold the cable plug within the bracket housing to prevent entrance of weather into the terminals. Batteries. Each battery shall be of 12-volt potential. The total reserve capacity rating
shall be not less than 500 minutes and the total cold cranking rating at 0F shall be not less than
1,740 amperes. Reserve capacity and cold cranking ratings shall be in accordance with
SAE J537. Batteries shall be of the maintenance-free type having the maintenance-free
characteristics listed in W-B-131. Fog lights. Fog lights, one on each side of the front of the vehicle, shall be furnished. Radio interference suppression. The vehicle shall be suppressed to limit
electromagnetic radiation in accordance with SAE J551. Any body equipment emitting radiation
shall be suppressed to the same level as the vehicle chassis.
3.4.3 Fuel system. The fuel system shall conform to Federal Motor Carrier Safety
Regulations 393.65 and 393.67.

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