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Page Title: Windshield wipers and washers
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Identification of emergency and service lines
Coincident control of trailer brakes with prime mover foot control
Independent hand control for trailer brakes
Prime mover protection valve with dash control and automatic breakaway feature
Trailer stoplight control operable with foot brake and with hand control for trailer brakes
Two SAE J844 coiled connecting air hoses, not less than 180 inches in extended length,
equipped with coiled spring hose guards, and SAE J318 gladhand quick connector on
trailer end of hoses
(g) Spring supports on truck tractor cab or on a pogo stick type hose tender with dummy
gladhand connectors to retain hoses when not in use. Supports shall not be mounted on
the cab roof
(h) Prime mover only parking brake valve to permit prime mover parking brakes to be
applied while charging the trailer air brake system.
3.4.12 Cab. A nonsleeper, tilt type cab shall be furnished. The bumper to back-of-cab
dimension shall be 50 to 64 inches. Tilt cab features shall be in accordance with the Employee
Safety and Health Standards of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation 399, including the
first step height, which shall be not more than 24 inches. Cab doors shall be equipped with locks,
operable from inside the cab through mechanical linkage, and with at least the curbside door
equipped with external, key-operated lock. The cab shall have upholstered, individual, adjustable
driver's seat and individual passenger seat. The driver's seat shall be the manufacturer's standard
air ride type. The color of the upholstery and the interior finish shall be compatible with the
exterior color (see White upholstery shall not be furnished. Safety grips shall be
provided on each side of the cab to assist personnel entering or leaving the cab and, in addition, to
assist personnel in climbing onto the truck tractor deck plate. Interior lighting shall be provided.
Two pairs of seat belts shall be installed. Drip rails shall be installed above the cab doors.
3.4.13 Steering. Power steering shall be furnished.
3.4.14 Windshield wipers and washers. The vehicle shall be equipped with dual windshield
wipers and windshield washers. Windshield wipers shall be multispeed type operated by air or
electric motor(s).
3.4.15 Bumper. Unless the bumper is an integral part of the vehicle cab, a channel type front
bumper shall be provided.
3.4.16 Tool stowage. Stowage space of sufficient size to accommodate the vehicle jack,
hand tools, antiskid chains and emergency reflective triangles shall be furnished for retaining
equipment during vehicle operation. The stowage space shall provide for positive retainment of
this equipment during vehicle operation. Stowage space may be furnished inside the cab. When
stowage space is located outside the cab, it shall be weatherproof and shall provide for looking
with a padlock.

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