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Page Title: Electrical control system for bottom dump semitrailer solenoids
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MIL-T-62735 Electrical control system for bottom dump semitrailer solenoids. The
semitrailer bottom dump gates are solenoid operated, solenoids shall be capable of being
activated by switches in the truck tractor cab. The electrical system shall include the following:
(a) Two toggle switches with guards, mounted in the cab, accessible to the seated driver.
Switches and guards shall be Cole-Hersee Part Number (No.) 5582 and
Cutler-Hammer Part No. 8497-K1, respectively. The first switch shall be marked
"FRONT GATE CONTROL" and the second switch shall be marked "REAR GATE
CONTROL." Each switch shall have not less than a 15-ampere rating.
(b) Two circuit breakers in accessible locations. The circuit breakers shall be between
the switches and the current supply. The circuit breaker's rating shall be 15 amperes.
(c) No. 12 wires, one from the circuit breaker to a terminal on the first switch and one
from the first switch to a terminal on the second switch.
(d) A three-wire conductor cable, Carol Part No. 14-3SJ. The conductor cable shall
have a green, black and white wires. One end of the conductor wires shall be
attached as follows: (1) green wire to the second terminal of the first switch;
(2) black wire to the second terminal on the second switch; (3) white wire to the
ground on the truck tractor.
The other end of the three-wire conductor shall be attached to a four-way socket
mounted on the back of the cab.
(e) The four-way socket shall be Pollack Part No. 11-410, with spring loaded cover.
The socket, viewed from the exterior rear of the cab with keyed slot at the top, shall
be connected to the three-wire cable as follows: 2 o'clock pin - green (front gate);
5 o'clock pin - black (rear gate); 8 o'clock pin - white (ground); 11 o'clock pin
(f) The four-way socket shall be at the rear of the cab in a location accessible for
connecting a matching plug on the end of a four-wire semitrailer cable.
(g) A four-conductor semitrailer cable not less than 3050 mm (10 feet) in length. Each
end of the cable shall have a four-connector plug, Pollack Part No. 11-409, for
connecting a four-way female socket. Pollack Part No. 11-410, on a semitrailer and
the four-way socket on the truck tractor. Each end of the cable shall have a grip for
withdrawing the plug from the socket.
(h) The truck tractor pogo stick shall have means for suspending the four-conductor,
3050 m (10 foot) cable, between a four-way socket at the back of the cab and a
four-way socket at the front of a bottom dump semitrailer.
(i) Switch markings shall conform to 3.10.5.

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