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Page Title: Preparation for Delivery
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Shop tests
Vacuum Pumps, Power Driven, Centrifugal Pump Priming Service, Naval Shipboard

(b) Appreciable distortion or dislocation of any part, such as shaft, mounting feet, bearings.
(c) A mechanical unbalance of more than two times the amplitude of unbalance measured prior to tests
at rated speed, or more than that permitted by the specifications for the driver. Pump units which have been subjected to the high-impact shock test and have failed to conform to
the requirements will not be acceptable. Pump unite which have been subjected to the high-impact shock test and have successfully passed
this test shall be considered acceptable for such service as the command or agency concerned may authorize.
Such equipment will be returned to the supplier for reconditioning as follows:
Minor deformations of mounting flanges shall be corrected.
Minor deformations affecting alignment shall be corrected.
All bearings shall be replaced,
Each Part snail be carefully examined by the supplier and any part whihc he considers substand-
ard shall be replaced,
Minor deformations shall be defined as those which do not cause unqualified rejection of the design under high-
impact shock test but which are in excess of the design dimensional tolerances specified on the applicable
pump drawings.
The packaging, packing and marking shall be inspected for
4.5 Inspection of preparation for delivery.
compliance with section 5 of this document.
(The preparation for delivery requirements specified herein apply only for direct Government procurements.
For the extent of applicability of the preparation for delivery requirement of referenced documents listed in
section 2, see 6.4).
5.1 Domestic shipment and early equipment installation and for storage of onboard repair Parts.
5.1.1 Pumps. Preservation and packaging  Preservation and packaging which may be the supplier's commercial
practice, shall be sufficient to afford adequate protection against corrosion, deterioration and physical damage
during shipment from the supply source to the using activity and until early installation. Packing,  Packing shall be accomplished in a manner which will insure acceptance by common carrier
at the lowest rate and will afford protection against physical or mechanical damage during direct shipment from
the supply source to the using activity for early installation.  The shipping containers or method of packing
shall conform to the Uniform Freight Classification Rules or other carrier regulations, as applicable to the
mode of transportation and may conform to the suppliers commercial practice.
5.1,1.3 Marking.  Shipment marking information shall be provided on Interior packages and exterior ship-
ping containers in accordance with the supplier's commercial practice.  The information shall include nomen-
clature, Federal stock number or manufacturer's part number, contract or order number. supplier's name and
5.1.2 Onboard repair parts. Onboard repair parts shall be preserved and packaged level A, packed level C
and marked in accordance with MIL-P-16789.
5.2 Use of polystrene (loose-fill) material.
5.2,1 For domestic shipment and early equipment installation and level C packaging and packing.  Unless
otherwise approved by the procuring activity (see 6.1), use of polystyrene (loose-fill) material for domestic
shipment and early equipment installation and level C packaging and packing applications such as cushioning,
filler and dunnage is prohibited.  When approved, unit packages and containers (interior and exterior) shall be
marked and labelled as follows:
Contents cushioned etc. with polystyrene (loose-fill) material.
Not to be taken onboard ship.-
Remove and discard loose-fill material before shipboard storage.
If required, recushion with cellulosic material bound fiber, fiberboard or transparent flexible cellu-
lar material."
5.2.2 For level A packaging and-level A and B packing. Use of polystyrene (loose-fill) material is pro-
hibited for level A packaging and level A and B packing applications such as cushioning, filler and dunnage.

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