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Page Title: Programmer controls
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Washing Machine, Laundry: Open End Type, Trailer Mounted
Recycle of water carobilities

C. Hot, mid, and mixed water temperatures.
d.  Preset high water level (11 inches) and preset low water level
(8 inches).  The level shall be measured from the inside
bottom of the tumbling basket. Preset water levels shall be
capable of being manually adjusted from 2 to 13 inches in
increments of one inch. Level shall be accurate and constant
inch) under all conditions.
e. The number and length of time of the wash cycles.
f.  The number and length of time of the rinse cycles.
9"  Reuse of rinse water including control for a remote pump
(automatic only).  Programmer controls. Automatic control stroll be achieved by
installation of different non-absorbent plastic f ormula cards (or charts) l
Each card shall be capable of carrying laundry formulas f- in the appendix
of FM 10-280.  The cards shall be easily cut in the field without the use of
the special cutter or punch if not available.  Each washer produced shall be
supplied with pre-punched or cut cards conforming in all laundry formulas in
the FM 10-280 appendix  ten blank formula cards, and a durable card punch. A
special storage container shall be permanently attached to the control unit
to safely store and protect up to 30 cards and the card punch during
transport and operations.  All cards shall be of the same size and shall be
capable of accepting 60 minutes of control cut-outs. Cards shall be cut to
allow one minute internals between cycles for draining. Cards shall be cut
to preclude simultaneous drain and water input.  Hot water, for the purposes
and over.  Mix (hot and
of cutting the cards, are temperatures of
cold) shall be temperatures of 90% up to
The card reader and
related control unit shall be capable of accepting and processing cards with
a formula duration of up to 75 minutes without any malfunction, binding
jamming, or adjustment of card or card reader. Cards and card reader shall
be designed to provide a minimum of 8 minutes operation per inch travel of
card.  The card tracks shall be graduated in one minute intervals and the
card and card reader shall have a minimum of 12 tracks.  Five minutes of
operation per inch travel. Timer.  The washer shall be quipped with a waterproof zero to
15 minute timer incorporated into the control unit. This timer will activate
a signal device and will be used during manual operation. Signal devices.  Individual visual signal devices and a common
audible signal shall be supplied as part of the control unit to alert the
operator that:  a) supplies are required (automatic rode), b) Cycle is
ccmplete ( automatic rode), and c) Manual timing cycle is complete. The
signal for additional supplies shall only activate after the correct water
level is attained.  All indicator lights, power lights, and other lighting
equipment shall be easily noticed by the operator, even in direct sunlight.
The audible signal shall utilize the piezoelectric principle and shall
produce a sound frequency of 4500 Hz with a sound intensity of 65 to 90 dB at
two feet.  The visual signals shall operate in conjunction with the audible

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