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Page Title: Inspection Equipment List Codes
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Submission of Contractor Designs

MIL-W-50550A (MU)
6.2  Inspection Code Numbers. -The five digit code numbers
assigned to the inspections herein are to facilitate future data
collection and analysis by the Government.  These code numbers
are also used to correlate the characteristics cited on Equipment
Lists with the inspections listed In this specification. In
addition,  they should be cited as references on drawings of
equipment designs submitted by the contractor to the Government
for approval (see 6.3.5).
6.3 Inspection Equipment.-The contractor shall design
Inspection equipment as required by the Inspection Equipment Lists
(EL) referenced on the applicable ET In accordance with the
instruction of paragraphs 6.3.1 through 6.3.2.
6.3.1 Inspection Equipment Lists (EL).-Inspectlon equipment
lists indicate the availability of Inspection equipment designs
by showing In the "number" column of the list of inspection
equipment (Form SMUPA 1010) the numbers of drawings or Federal
Stock Numbers of existing equipment designs, or codes as indicated
in paragraph 6.3.2.  Design action required of the contractor is
described in paragraphs 6.3.3 and 6.3.4.  The contractor will be
required to prepare detailed drawings in accordance with 6.3.4 for
all the equipment coded as "Contractor Design" In the number
column.  These contractor designs must be approved by the Government
prior to fabrication or procuring of the equipment.  Designs shall
be submitted for approval as specified in 6.3.5.
6.3.2 Inspection Equipment List Codes.-The inspection
equipment as defined in 6.3.3 and 6.3.4 will be designated in the
EL by the following codes:
Contractor design on controlled contractor format
CD -
and/or commercial equipment.
MU - Army design, mandatory for use.
6.3.3 Army Designs .-Army designs are reflected on detailed
drawings which completely depict all the information necessary for
the fabrication of the Item of inspection equipment.  The contractor
need provide no design when an Army design is listed for an item
of Inspection equipment.  Army designs fall into two basic
classifications : mandatory (designated "MU") and non-mandatory
(indicated by drawing or Federal Stock Number). When an Inspection
equipment list references mandatory Army designs, the contractor
shall comply with, and use, these designs accordingly.  The con-
tractor may, however, In connection with non-mandatory designs,
design alternate Inspection equipment or use comparable commercial
equipment to facilitate his operations.  Such contractor prepared
designs or commercial equipment selections must be approved by the
Government prior to fabrication or procuring of' the equipment.
Designs shall be submitted for approval as specified in 6.3.5.

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