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Page Title: General illumination
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3.4.13 Electrical system. A 12-volt, 24-volt, or combination 12-volt 24-volt electrical
system shall be furnished. The electrical system shall be in accordance with Federal Motor
Carrier Safety Regulations 393.27 through 393.31 and 393.33.
* Lighting. All vehicle lights, reflectors and wiring shall be as specified herein
and shall conform to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations 393.12, 393.19, 393.20, and
393.23 through 393.26. Lights and reflectors shall not be mounted on rub rails (unless recessed
and fully protected) or the vehicle bumpers. An illuminated rear license plate holder shall be
provided. Engine compartment illumination consisting of four light fixtures connected to one
switch shall be provided. Fixtures shall be placed so as to provide uniform compartment
* Turn signals. Turn signal lamps shall conform to SAE J588. Operating units
shall conform to SAE J589, class A, and shall be mounted on the steering column. The vehicle
shall be provided with single-faced front signal units and single-faced rear signal units installed in
accordance with SAE J588. Turn signal operating units shall be self-cancelling type with visible
and audible flash indicator. An additional set of armored type amber turn signals, mounted on
each side of the bus above the front wheel wells, shall be furnished. Interior lighting. Interior lighting shall include overhead lights for general
illumination, reading lights and litter lights. Fluorescent light fixtures providing equivalent
illumination may be used in lieu of bulb-type fixtures. Fluorescent fixtures, when used, shall be
equipped with radio interference suppression devices. Master control on-off switches to
simultaneously control the interior lighting shall be provided at both the front and the rear of the
vehicle for use by the driver and the attendants, respectively. Separate master switches shall
provide on-off control of the entire reading and overhead lighting circuits and entire between-tier
lighting circuit. General illumination. General illumination shall be provided by 12 light
fixtures mounted in the ceiling or overhead duct. Six of the fixtures shall operate from both
12-volt and 110-volt supply and six shall operate from 110-volt supply only. Three-way on-off
switches shall be provided at the front and rear of vehicle for the 12 fixtures. Reading lights. Individually controlled reading lights shall operate from
12-volt dc and shall be installed in the ceiling over each seat, with all seats in place for the
40 passenger configuration. With all reading lights on, the illumination on an eleven by sixteen

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