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Page Title: Litter lights
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inch plane at 40 degrees to the floor, with the lower edge at 33 inches from the floor at the front
edge of the seat, shall average not less than 20 foot candles. Reading lights shall be installed in
such a manner as to provide specified lighting when litter stanchions are in the stowed position.
Reading lights shall be remotely controlled by switches located in the sidewall between each row
of seats. Switches shall be readily accessible to each seated passenger. Litter lights. Twelve portable litter lights shall be furnished with each vehicle.
The litter lights shall be individually controlled, shall operate on 12 volts dc, and shall
incorporate on-off switch in the light body or the light cord. The litter lights shall provide
suitable illumination between tiers of litters and above the upper tiers of litters for use by
attendants in the care of patients. (The reading lights will also illuminate the upper tiers of
litters.) The litter lights shall be designed to shield the attendant and patient from direct glare,
and shall have provisions for attachment to the litter support posts. Each light shall be swivel
mounted for ease of adjustment and shall have a standard two-prong electrical plug for
connection to the 12-volt dc power supply. Blue bulbs. Blue bulbs shall be furnished at not less than two interior
locations and shall be connected to and operated by the marker light circuit. Driver and door lights, 12-volt. A domelight, actuated both by opening of the
service doors or by the driver, shall be provided for illumination of the driver area.
Door-operated step lamps shall be installed to provide illumination of the stepwell and the ground
adjacent to step. Floodlight. A 110-volt shockproof floodlight shall be mounted at the rear of the
coach above the center of the rear loading door. The floodlight shall be securely mounted, shall
be adjustable and shall include a locking device to secure it in any preselected position. The
floodlight shall be capable of illuminating at least the area required for operation and occupation
of the rear lift platform. The floodlight shall not extend above the roof line of the main coach
body, nor beyond the lift platform when folded against the rear of the coach.
* Electrical power. Vehicle on-board electrical power shall be adequate for all
vehicle equipment. In addition to the 12-volt dc alternator driven by the main engine and the
batteries (see 3.4.3 and 3.4.14), the vehicle on-board electrical power shall include:

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