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Page Title: Electric circuit protection
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MIL-B-62152A(AT) Electrical outlets. A heavy duty wire mold shall be installed on each side of the
coach extending between the rearmost and foremost litter support poles. Each wire mold to
provide both 110-volt and 12-volt outlets as follows: two duplex 110-volt outlets and one duplex
12-volt outlet at each end, and three duplex 110-volt outlets plus one duplex 12-volt outlet
between each bank of litters for a total of ten duplex 110-volt outlets and four duplex 12-volt
outlets on each side of the coach. The 110-volt outlets shall be one-prong 2 blade #115252
grounded Hubbel duplex or equal. The 12-volt outlets shall be twistlok. Wiring. All wiring shall provide adequate electrical insulation, shall be
waterproof, and where required, shall provide adequate flexibility and resistance against solvents
or abrasion. All wiring in the engine compartment shall be covered with heat and oil resistant
type covering. Wiring shall be color coded or number coded so that the circuit of each wire may
be readily determined by observation of any 3-inch segment along the wire. All main wiring
harness shall be concealed within body and secured in position by rubber covered clamps with
rolled edges. Wiring installation. All wiring shall be properly grouped and shall be so
installed as to permit ease of replacement. It shall not be run through metal or other parts of the
structure, except where unavoidable and at such points, suitable rubber bushings shall be
provided. Every precaution shall be taken to avoid damage from heat, water, solvents, or chafing.
Loom may be used provided it meets the above conditions except in the engine compartment. Size of conductors. All conductors and terminals shall be of proper size to carry
the maximum current load in the circuit with a maximum drop of 1/2-volt, except in the starter
circuit. Electric circuit protection. Fuse panels, where provided, shall be of rugged
mechanical construction. Fuse clips shall be rubber covered where provided, and have the
acceptable margin of electrical and mechanical safety to prevent heating of the clips in normal
service, distortion during installation and removal of fuses. Where practical, automatic circuit
breakers of ample capacity shall be used. Where wiring passes through plates or other structural
members, grommets of equally adequate protection for the insulation shall be provided.

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