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Page Title: Windshield wipers and washers
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MIL-B-62152A(AT) Wiring connections. No splicing of wires shall be permitted. Wherever
connections are required they shall be made by means of soldered or special non-soldered
terminals of carrying capacity equal to or greater than the wire itself and equipped with
substantial and non-corroding means for attachment.
3.4.14 Batteries. Batteries shall be 12- or 24-volt potential. Total capacity of all batteries
shall provide not less than 400 ampere-hours for 12 volts and 200 ampere-hours for 24 volts at a
20-hour rate. Batteries shall be accessible for inspection without detaching the batteries from the
vehicle. The batteries may be mounted in the engine compartment or on trays or the battery
compartment floor. The battery tray or battery compartment floor shall be acid resistant stainless
steel or be coated with acid resistant paint. When batteries are mounted in a special battery
compartment, the compartment shall be large enough to inspect and service the batteries without
requiring their removal from the coach. A battery access door shall be provided on the side of the
body. Access to the batteries through the baggage compartment door is acceptable. If battery
trays are used for inspecting the batteries, they shall swing out or slide out on rollers, if necessary,
to support the batteries. The batteries shall be located away from or protected from
engine/transmission heat that will have an adverse effect on battery life or operation.
* Battery cables. Battery cables shall be routed and secured in such a manner as to
preclude chafing the cables at any point. Insulated studs shall be used to pass through the frame
and the bulkheads. Cables shall be so mounted, fastened, and protected that they will not become
loose during service. The edges of all holes in metal members through which the cables pass
shall be bushed with rubber grommets.
3.4.15 Steering. Power steering shall be furnished. Power steering tubing, fittings, and
mechanical connections shall be located to provide easy access for inspection and servicing.
3.4.16 Windshield wipers and washers. The vehicle shall be equipped with dual, air
operated windshield wipers of the parallelogram type. The wiper system furnished shall deliver
33 pound feet of torque and sweep the maximum practicable area of the windshield surface.
Windshield wiper arm tip force shall be not less than 36 ounces. Air operated windshield wipers
motors shall be "Sprague Super Challenger" or equivalent with 5/8-inch diameter drive. Wipers
shall conform to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation 393.78. Windshield washers shall be
provided. Washers shall be electric or air operated with a control on the instrument panel.

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