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Page Title: Inside body dimensions
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Low transmission oil pressure warning light and buzzer when a manual transmission
with a pressurized oil system is furnished.
(m) Tachometer Horns. An electric and an air-operated horn shall be provided.
3.4.21 Radio interference suppression. The vehicle shall be suppressed to limit
electromagnetic radiation in accordance with SAE J551.
3.4.22 Exhaust system. The exhaust system shall conform to Federal Motor Carrier
Safety Regulation 393.83. The exhaust tailpipe shall extend to the rear bumper and shall be so
located as to minimize the possibility of exhaust fumes entering the body. The exhaust system
beyond the engine compartment shall be insulated from the fuel tank and tank connections by
securely attached metal shields at any point where it is 12 inches or less from the tank, tank
connections, or any fuel line connections.
3.5 Body. The bus shall provide seating for 40 adult passengers. The bus shall be
customized to provide ambulance features specified herein for ready conversion to accommodate
18 litter patients plus four seated attendants. The body shall have full-skirted sides, shall present
a generally symmetrical appearance, shall exclude engine fumes and exhaust gases from the bus
interior, and shall provide safe and comfortable transportation for passengers and driver.
3.5.1 Inside body dimensions. At seat level, body inside width shall be the maximum
reasonably attainable within the maximum permissible overall vehicle width of 96 inches.
Between the first and last vertical roof bows through center of aisle, inside height shall be not less
than 79 inches. To allow movement of litter bearers, the aisle width, with the litters installed,
shall be not less than 38-1/2 inches.
3.5.2 Construction. The body and the chassis shall be of integral-type construction. The
body and the roof framing shall be constructed of metal sections with insulated aluminum skin.
All parts, where applicable, shall be fastened together in a manner which will preclude loosening
of bolts, screws, rivets and cracking of welded joints when the vehicle is operated under intended
service condition. Jacking locations shall be provided at each wheel. Plates shall be of sufficient
capacity to withstand the jacking force required to lift the portion of the loaded vehicle affected
without damage to any vehicle component. Self-tapping screws shall not be used where

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