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Page Title: Entrance steps, lift platform or ramp
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MIL-B-62152A(AT) Entrance steps, lift platform or ramp. Access steps shall be provided at the
service entrance for walk-on patients. Steps shall be of the standard bus stepwell design. A lift
platform shall be furnished at the loading doors specified in 3.5.4.
* Stepwell. The stepwell shall be of the enclosed type with two, three or
four steps, and constructed of patterned or lined anodized aluminum, stainless steel or fiberglass.
The height of the bottom step shall not exceed 16 inches. Riser heights shall provide equal step
height within 1/2 inch. Step covering shall be not less than 5/16-inch thick ribbed rubber with
white molding, or ribbed stainless steel nosings. Lift platform. A hydraulically operated lift platform shall be provided. The
platform shall be of adequate size to permit moving a loaded litter into the ambulance through the
loading door by a normal litter bearing team without danger of falling from the platform and with
one smooth forward motion. The platform shall be capable of being lowered to the ground and
raised to ambulance floor level when it is in a horizontal position. It shall also be capable of
being raised above horizontal up to 90 degrees and folded flat against the vehicle (for closed
position during travel of the ambulance). The platform shall be not less than 118 inches long,
with the outboard end ramped for approximately 18 inches at no greater than a 6 degree slope, to
provide for ease of loading wheelchairs onto the platform, or for use as a ramp. Removable or
folding hand rails shall be provided as needed for safe use of the platform by ambulatory, wheel
chair, or litter patients. The platform shall be covered on the walking surface with durable,
weather-resistant non-skid material, suitable for use by persons using crutches or canes. The
surface shall be level and without ridges or gaps. The platform design shall permit safe locking
in all positions where support of individuals is possible and under loads anticipated (for example,
litter, patient, and bearers, total 775 pounds). The platform design may include provisions for
folding or telescoping the platform for over the road travel. The design of the lift platform and
the loading doors shall insure that the platform in the raised horizontal position clears the opened
doors in such a manner that it is impossible for a hand or foot to be pinned between them. Except
for installation of the hand rails, all lift operations shall be hydraulically controlled. A manual
hydraulic pump shall be provided to lower and raise the lift platform in the event of power failure
or emergency. The lift controls shall be conveniently located on the interior and exterior at the
loading door. Exterior controls shall be weatherproof.

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