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Page Title: Service and loading doors arrangement
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MIL-B-62152A(AT) Wheelhousings. Wheelhousings shall include splash shields, and shall provide
ample clearance for use of tire chains on the outside duals. Molded rubber or metal splash trim
shall be installed around the inside or outside lip of the outside edge of both the front and rear
wheelhousings. Floor coverings. Except for the driver area, the complete interior of the bus floor
shall be covered with not less than 1/8-inch thick rubber or synthetic rubber padding and
washable, flash flame proof carpeting material. Padding and carpeting shall be of top grade, as
recommended by the carpet manufacturer for buses, restaurants and heavy traffic areas.
3.5.4 Service and loading doors arrangement. The vehicle shall have a bus-type service
door for walk-on patients and a large loading door with lift platform for loading and unloading
litter patients, wheelchair patients and ambulatory patients accompanied by attendants. The
loading door shall be located at the rear, permitting straight-in movement of litter patients. A
bus-type service door shall be provided on curbside towards the front so as not to interfere with
the litter racks when the bus is set up for all eighteen litters. Door construction. The service door and the loading door shall have safety glass
panel(s), and compression and overlapping seals to exclude dust, water and cold air. The
sedan-type service door shall be equipped with a key operated lock. The door operating linkage
shall be installed within the body or enclosed to prevent the accumulation of mud, ice, and snow. Service door. The service door shall be of the solid sedan type with manual
driver control or shall be of the two-leaf outward opening air operated type. Controls shall be
conveniently located for operation by the seated driver. Minimum dimensions of the clear
opening, unobstructed by door seals or door opening mechanism, shall be 28 inches by 78 inches
for the leaf-type door and shall be not less than 24 inches in width at center, 20 inches at the top,
and 74 inches in height for the sedan-type door. The bus shall be equipped with a concealed
release to open the service door from the exterior of the bus. Loading door. The minimum clear opening of the loading door shall be 39 inches
in width and 74 inches in height. The size and location of the door shall allow continuous
straight-in movement of an attendant with a wheelchair and of stretcher bearers. Door latching
mechanisms shall be provided inside and outside of the vehicle. Heavy duty retaining devices
shall be provided to retain the door in the full open position for loading.

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