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Page Title: Bus body equipment
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temperature gradient within the bus. The cooling performance specified herein shall be met when
bus is traveling at 65 mph and when standing still with main engine at a fast idle. The air
conditioning system shall be integrated with the heating system to the maximum extent possible,
and shall automatically proportion air in the ratio of 20 percent fresh air, 80 percent recirculated
air. All air shall pass through the filter system. Air conditioner controls shall be panel mounted
within easy reach of the seated driver. The air conditioner compressor and fans shall be driven by
other than a hydraulic system.
* Independent system. When an independent air conditioning system is
furnished, it shall be powered by a diesel engine of not less than 35 horsepower rating. Engine
fuel shall be from the main engine fuel tank. All air conditioning components except the
evaporator shall be located in a compartment under the floor. Air conditioning engine starter
safety control switches to cut out driver's controls, compartment lamp switch and junction panel
shall be installed in the auxiliary engine compartment, in addition to controls provided at the
driver's seat. The air conditioner shall be designed for bus operation and shall be complete with
all necessary controls for automatic operation of the unit after the power unit has been started and
the compressor engaged. The air conditioning system may include a 110-volt ac alternator,
driven by the auxiliary engine, to power air conditioning blowers.
3.5.11 Bus body equipment. Body equipment shall be complete with all accessories
listed by the bus body manufacturer as standard equipment and, in addition, shall include items
specified in through
* Rearview mirrors. One nonglare type mirror having not less than 49 square
inches of reflective area or a convex mirror not less than 35 square inches in area shall be
mounted inside the bus. Two rearview mirrors shall be mounted outside at the front of the bus.
The reflecting surface of each outside mirror shall be not less than 8 inches by 8 inches in size.
Outside mirrors shall be mounted one each on the left and right side of the bus and shall have
retractable arms. Mirrors shall be friction mounted to prevent damage when struck. Additional
mirrors as required shall be provided for adequate driver's viewing the loading of ambulatory
patients and passengers. Sunvisor. An adjustable sunvisor shall be furnished.
* Emergency reflective triangles. Three emergency reflective triangles
conforming to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation 393.95(f)(2)(i) shall be furnished and
properly stowed.

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