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Page Title: Baggage compartment
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* Emergency equipment. Emergency equipment shall include first aid kit
provisions, a small fire axe, and a fire extinguisher conforming to Federal Motor Carrier Safety
Regulation 393.95(a). Emergency equipment shall be installed near the front of the coach
convenient to the driver. The fire extinguisher shall be a minimum 2-1/2 pound, dry chemical
type; shall have an Underwriter's Laboratory rating of 5B:C or more; shall include a metal safety
pin and wire; and shall conform to type I or type II, class 2, size 2-1/2 of O-E-915. The fire
extinguisher shall permit visual determination as to whether it is fully charged. Not less than a
9-unit type first aid kit shall be furnished or a bracket shall be provided for future installation of a
12 unit type first aid kit. The 12-unit type first aid kit size is 9-7/16 inches long, 5-7/16 inches
wide, and 2-7/8 inches thick. The 12-unit type kit is not required to be furnished with the vehicle. Stowage compartment(s). Provision shall be made for weatherproof stowage of
tools and tire chains under lock and key. Rear bumper. The rear bumper shall have anti-ride and anti-hitch features and
shall permit the bus to be pushed without permanent distortion of bumper, body, or chassis parts. Keys. Duplicate keys shall be furnished for all key-operated locks. Keys shall
be identified and secured to vehicle steering wheel or otherwise stowed in an approved manner
for shipment. All locks on the same vehicle shall be of the same key code. Standee line. Areas prohibited to standees shall be marked in accordance with
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation 393.90.
* Baggage compartment. When a mid-mounted engine is furnished, the baggage
compartment(s) shall provide not less than 125 cubic feet. When a rear engine is furnished, the
baggage compartment(s) shall provide not less than 212 cubic feet of usable space. All baggage
compartments shall be adequately illuminated, shall incorporate a switch, and shall be provided
with means of secure locking. Toilet and lavatory. A standard intercity bus type lavatory and toilet facilities
shall be provided at the rear of the vehicle. The facilities shall include a flush or chemical toilet,
wash basin with hot and cold water, toilet tissue and paper toweling dispensers, 12-volt light
fixture(s) with switch, adequate water tank with exterior water inlet, exterior sewage drain outlet,
power vent and hand rails designed to aid disabled patients, and a full modesty pull curtain in lieu

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