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Page Title: Radio and intercom
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MIL-B-62152A(AT) Liquid dispensers. The bus shall be equipped with dispensers for hot and cold
liquids. The dispensers shall be two units of FSN 7330-781-3859, Jug, Vacuum, CRES Outer
Shell, CRES Inner Vessel; with gasketed metal cover and snap locking device closure; with
spigot assembly; in accordance with MIL-J-20349 Style B, 5-gallon capacity. The mounting in
the bus shall be at convenient locations and heights for dispensing drinks, and shall permit ready
removal of the jugs for filling, emptying, and cleaning. Radio and intercom. An AM-FM radio shall be provided together with
8 speakers installed in the ceiling center and with a speaker in the driver's compartment. Each
speaker shall incorporate an on-off switch. Additionally,. a 3-way on-off switch for the radio
system shall be installed in the driver's compartment and at the rear of the coach. One wall
mounted intercom station with retractable phone piece shall be mounted on the side or cabinet
wall near the rear of the coach for attendants working in the lavatory-baggage area. An identical
intercom station shall be installed in the driver's compartment in such a location as to provide
easy access to the driver. The system shall permit transmission and reception from both stations.
The radio and intercom shall operate satisfactorily with all equipment in operation. Vacuum outlet, medical. A plug-in or screw type, self-sealing valve connection
shall be installed in the patient compartment, one between each pair of vertical tiers of litters on
each side of the bus (total of 4 valve connections). The suction lines shall be connected to the
valve mechanisms, using the vacuum created by the vacuum pump. The units shall prevent the
entry of dust without the use of a dust cap or cover. Secondary equipment attachment and release
shall be capable of being performed with one hand. The outlets shall prevent twist or turn of the
secondary equipment, once the equipment is connected. A mating male fitting shall be provided
for each outlet. The vacuum system shall include a vacuum pump capable of pulling at least
2 standard cubic feet per minute and shall further incorporate a vacuum reservoir tank and
regulator with a capacity of at least 4.27 cubic feet. The pump shall have the capability of pulling
a vacuum of 29 inches of mercury.
3.6 Servicing and adjusting. Prior to acceptance of the vehicle by the Government,
contractor shall service and adjust the vehicle for operational use including at least the following:
alinement of lights; adjustment of the main and auxiliary engines, electrical and brake system;
filling and charging of battery; alinement of front wheels; inflation of all tires; complete

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