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Page Title: Occupied wheelchairs
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quick-engagement-type clamps or latches to retain the litter poles; with a bracket provided at both
ends of each litter. Brackets shall be designed to prevent litters from shifting forward of
rearward. Sufficient space shall be provided between the bracket and the wall to provide hand
clearance. Brackets and posts shall be removable. Installation shall positively secure and support
250 pounds per litter under all dynamic conditions. Litter support posts shall be constructed in
accordance with Douglas stanchion number 5933765-1 with necessary matching hardware to
secure post assembly to the floor and sidewall of the vehicle. Installation shall limit transmission
of road shock to the litters; and shall allow ready insertion and removal of any number of loaded
litters up to and including full vehicle litter capacity. Any litter support hardware which is not
readily removable shall not interfere with seat placement, seat adjustment or the seated
passengers. Hanger stowage. A compartment shall be provided for stowage of litter supports
which permits and maintains stowage of supports in an orderly manner. Additionally, the
compartment shall be adequate to maintain orderly stowage of securing straps and belts specified
below. Securing straps. Permanent type hooks with detachable straps or belts shall be
provided at at least two locations on each vehicle side wall to secure folded wheel chairs and
stryker frames. The straps shall be equipped with a fast release mechanism. The hooks shall be
recessed in the wall when not in use. Occupied wheelchairs. Provision shall be made for securing to the seat tracks
at least two occupied wheelchairs on each side of the bus. Wheelchairs shall be retained in the
area normally occupied by the last bank of litters or the last three rows of seats. All devices shall
be removable or retractable when not in use so as not to interfere with use of either litter or seats.
* Container hooks. Hooks for suspending intravenous solution containers, either
plastic bags or bottles, shall be attached off center of the aisle at the ceiling every 36 inches from
front to rear of the ambulance. The container hooks shall be recessed into the ceiling when not in
use. Hooks shall be of the removable type. Medical cabinet. A medical cabinet, not less than 36 inches long by 18 inches
high and 12 inches deep, shall be provided for storage of equipment such as resuscitator, oxygen
and other medical supplies. The cabinet shall be equipped with positive latch(es) to secure
door(s) during transit. The cabinet shall be completely lined with stainless steel.

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