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Page Title: Engine speed control
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3.9 Engine.  For the purpose of selecting the engine, the compressor shall be
classified as a class II end item in accordance with MI1-STD-141O.  The gasoline
engine, including all systems, components and accessories, shall conform to
MIL-STD-1410, unless otherwise specified herein.  The engine shall be air
cooled.  The maximum governed speed for each engine, as applied, shall not exceed
the engine manufacturer's recommended speed for this application.  All engine
accessories shall be furnished by or approved by the engine manufacturer for this
application.  The engine shall be capable of operating on fuels and lubricating
oils as specified in MIL-STD-1410.  The engine shall comply with the
Environmental Protection Agency regulations governing control of air pollution
for new motor vehicles and new engines, in effect for this type of equipment on
date of manufacture.  The engine shall meet all operational requirements and
conditions specified herein without exceeding the limits specified in
MIL-STD-1410, or, the engine manufacturer's recommended operating limits.  The
average oil consumption of each engine shall not exceed .0035 pound per
brake-horsepower-hour (bhp/hr) when tested as specified herein.
3.9.1 Fuel tank.  A fuel tank with a capacity for not less than 4 hours of
operation at rated capacity shall be provided.  Construction and mounting shall
be such that vibration or excessive tightening of the mounting devices will not
cause leaks to develop.  The filler opening shall be a minimum of 1.5 inches in
diameter,  shall incorporate a removable strainer, and shall have a chain-secured
filler cap.  The fuel tank outlet shall be not less than 1/4 inch above the
bottom of the fuel tank.  The tank shall be located to minimize fire hazard or
damage resulting from spilling, overflow, or drainage of fuel.  When specified
(see 6.2), provision shall be made for connection to an auxiliary fuel supply.
The fuel tank shall be vented and shall not leak when tilted as specified in
3.9.2 Engine speed control.  The engine shall be furnished with a governing
system conforming to MIL-STD-1410.  A hand throttle shall be furnished and shall
be capable of controlling the engine speed at any speed between the engine
manufacturer's recommended low idle speed and the maximum governed speed.
3.9.3 Cranking system.  An automatic rewind rope starter conforming to
MIL-STD-1410 shall be furnished.
3,9.4 Air induction system.  A heavy duty air cleaner and restriction
indicator,  in accordance with MIL-STD-1410, shall be furnished.
3.9.5 Exhaust system.  The exhaust system shall be designed to present minimum
hazard to the operator while starting, operating, or making minor adjustments to
the engine or compressor unit while running.  The system shall include a muffler
and a spark arrester, or a combination muffler and spark arrester.  The spark
arrester shall conform to SAE J335.  The total backpressure of the exhaust system
shall not exceed the maximum recommended by the engine manufacturer.
3.10 Unit mounting.  The compressor pump, engine, and all other components
shall be mounted in and on an integral frame and chassis assembly.  Provision
shall be made to protect the compressor pump, high pressure piping, and

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