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Page Title: Fungus and moisture resistance.
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3.12.5 Delivery lubrication service. When delivered, all components, except those for which
preservatives are specified in 5.1, shall be lubricated. Grease lubrication, excluding lubrication
of sealed bearings, shall be with grease conforming to MIL-G-10924 or MIL-G-23827. Unless
otherwise specified herein, all components shall be filled to the operating level with military oils
designated for use in the temperature range as specified herein. Each lubricated component shall
be tagged in a conspicuous place to indicate the temperature range and grades of oils and greases
3.13 Fungus and moisture resistance. The electrical circuitry, including all components and
connections except as specified below, shall be protected from the effects of moisture and fungus
growth by an overall treatment with a varnish conforming to MIL-V-173 composition I or II as
applicable, 7 percent salicylanilide (by weight) based on the nonvolatile content of the varnish:
a. Components or circuit elements that are inherently fungus and moisture resistant or
which are hermetically sealed need not be treated.
b. Components or circuit elements whose functions will be adversely affected by the
varnish coating shall not be treated.
When used, the varnish shall be applied by spray, brush, or a combination of both to give a
minimum dry-film thickness of 1 mil to component or element surfaces previously cleaned and
prepared so that the surfaces are free from all foreign matter which would interfere with the
adherence or function of the varnish.
3.13.1 Composition. Composition II shall be used only in the case when local air pollution
regulations in the application of varnish precludes the use of composition I. When composition
II is used, the contractor shall provide evidence to the Government that the use of composition II
is required, and shall certify that composition II material complies with South Coast Air Quality
Management District Rule 442 - Usage of Solvents.
3.14 Identification marking. The compressor shall be identified in accordance with
MIL-D-130. The marking shall be applied to the compressor on identification plates conforming
to MIL-P-514, type I, style 1, composition C, of type I, grade A, class 1 material. Plates shall be
attached by screws, bolts or rivets in a conspicuous, protected location.
3.14.1 Shipping data plate. Each end item, or independent component assemblage thereof,
shall have a shipping data plate attached as near as practicable to the name plate. The shipping
data plate shall conform to MIL-P-514, type III, Composition C, of type I, grade A, class 1
material and in addition, shall show the silhouette of the compressor in transport position
indicating the center of gravity , the location and capacity of the lifting and the tiedown
attachments. The plate shall be attached by screws, bolts, or rivets marked with the following

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