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Page Title: Class 2, handtruck mounted
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Vessel Code. The receiver shall be provided with a steel base or not less than four mounting feet
for horizontal mounting. When equipped with a steel base, openings shall be provided to permit
insertion of forklift tines. Each opening shall be not less than 11 inches by 3 inches in size;
openings shall be located such that the center of gravity of the compressor falls between the
centers of forklift openings. A means shall be provided on the receiver for securing the airhose.
3.22 Class 2, handtruck mounted. The compressor unit and power unit shall be mounted on
a lightweight, 2-wheel handtruck braced to minimize vibration. A handle shall be provided
which will permit moving by one person in accordance with MIL-STD-1472, 5.9.11 (see 3.7.2),
when the handle is elevated to a height of not less than 30 inches and not more than 48 inches.
The class 2 compressor shall be equipped with a combination storage rack and landing legs
mounted on the handle end of the truck similar to that shown figure 1 (see 6.8). The landing legs
shall be equipped with soft rubber feet so spaced as to minimize movement of the compressor
during operation. The complete assemblage shall withstand vibration, falling, and bumping,
encountered by this type of equipment without malfunction or damage when operated as
specified herein. The dry weight of the class 2, size 5-cfm compressor shall not exceed
150 pounds (see 6.13).
3.22.1 Air-receiver tank. The air-receiver tank for the class 2 compressor shall have a
capacity of not less than 2 gallons and shall be constructed in accordance with the ASME Boiler
and Pressure Vessel Code, section VIII. Air-receiver tanks with an inside diameter of 6 inches or
less, which are not within jurisdiction of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code,
section VIII, shall be designed for a proof pressure of 300 psig. Unless otherwise specified
(see 6.2), the air-receiver tank fittings shall include a drain cock, and a 0- to 300-psig pressure
gauge having 10 psig or smaller increments. The air receiver tanks shall include a pressure relief
valve conforming to ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. The pressure gauge shall be
mounted in a manner to prevent damage due to vibrations.
3.22.2 Wheels and hubs. The wheels and hubs for class 2 compressor shall be of the drop
center type to accommodate the tires specified in 3.22.3. The wheels and hubs shall be furnished
with roller bearings and seals.
3.22.3 Tires and tubes. The tires for the class 2 compressor shall conform to ZZ-T-410,
size 4.10.6. The tires shall be 2-ply rating. Tubes shall conform to ZZ-I-550.
3.22.4 Tilt requirement. The compressor shall deliver rated capacity when operated at rated
speed and pressure when tilted 15 degrees from the horizontal in any plane.
3.23 Class 3, caster-mounted. The compressor unit and power unit shall be mounted on a
steel base attached to a horizontal-type, air-receiver tank. The air-receiver tank shall be
constructed as specified in 3.21.1, except the tank shall be mounted on four casters conforming

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