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Page Title: Handle and storage rack
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to FF-C-88. Two type II (swivel) casters shall be mounted on the compressor end, and
two type I (nonswivel) casters shall be mounted on the engine end.
3.23.1 Caster installation. The casters shall be mounted so that the compressor will not
overturn when pushed or pulled about on a horizontal surface or when tilted 15 degrees from the
horizontal in any direction. The casters shall be attached to steel mounts on the bottom side of
the receiver tank and located near each end of the tank. The distance between the centerline of
the casters (measured side to side) shall be not less than 6 inches greater than the maximum
diameter of the air-receiver.
3.23.2 Handle and storage rack. The class 3 compressor shall be equipped with a
combination handle and storage rack mounted on the compressor end. The handle and storage
rack shall be removable, and similar to that shown on figure 2 (see 6.8). The handle shall be
positioned not less than 30 inches and not more than 40 inches from the floor. The storage rack
shall hold the air hose specified in 3.9. The storage rack shall be located so that the hose when
stored on the rack, will not contact any component of the compressor subject to high
3.24 Class 4, trailer mounted. The class 4 air compressor shall be mounted on a trailer as
specified in MIL-C-52437, class CCE, size 3. The CCE trailer chassis shall be equipped with a
military compatible 12 and 24 volt system as specified. The engine compressor unit and receiver
shall each be directly assembled on a common base.
3.24.1 Cover. A canvas cover for storage and protection during towing shall be provided.
The materials, stitching, thread, and seam of the canvas cover shall conform to MIL-C-13489.
The canvas cover shall be three dimensional to enclose the engine and compressor and shall be
fastened by means of a line drawn through grommets in the seam or hem.
3.24.2 Toolbox. A toolbox made of not less than No. 14 gage sheet steel shall be furnished
with the lid edges formed to overlap the top edges of the box to prevent the entry of dirt, snow,
and rain. The lid shall able a lockable, over center toggle type fastener in accordance with
MIL-STD-1472, 5.9.10 (see 3.7.2). The toolbox shall be of sufficient size to hold the canvas
cover, special tools, inflator gauge and publications.
3.24.3 Cranking access. Cranking shall be accomplished manually by means of an
automatic rewind rope pull system. The engine shall be mounted in relation to the compressor
unit so that the starter pulley is accessible with clearance for starting. The force required to
manually crank the engine shall not exceed 45 pounds in accordance with MIL-STD-1472, (see 3.7.2.).
3.24.4 Storage rack. A storage rack shall be furnished and installed on each compressor for
wrapping or looping the air hose when not in use. The rack shall be installed on the compressor
so that the hose will not come in contact with any component of the compressor subject to high
temperature or abrasion.

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