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Page Title: Air-receiver tank
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3.24.5 Air-receiver tank. The capacity of the air-receiver tank shall be not less than
20 gallons and shall be constructed in accordance with the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel
Code, section VIII. The receiver shall bear the ASME stamp and no welding or other activation
shall be permitted after the receiver has been certified. Unless otherwise specified (see 6.2), the
air-receiver tank fittings shall include a spring-loaded pressure relief valve, a globe discharge
valve, a drain cock, and a 0- to 300-psig pressure gauge having 10 psig or smaller increments.
The air-receiver tanks shall include a pressure relief valve conforming to ASME Boiler and
Pressure Vessel Code.
3.24.6 Transportability. The compressor shall be transportable by highway, rail, water, and
air modes. Highway transport. The class 4, size 15 cfm compressor-trailer combination shall
be capable of being towed over paved roads, unimproved surfaces, and cross country terrain at
the towing speeds described in When the class 4 compressor is loaded on a 5-ton truck,
it shall meet the highway legal limits of CONUS and NATO countries. Rail transport. The class 4, size 15 cfm compressor and all attached equipment, in
the rail transport configuration must withstand transport by rail without damage. The
compressor unit shall be capable of withstanding shock loads resulting from rail impact testing in
accordance with without failure, damage, or permanent deformation. Overall
dimensions of the compressor on a 50-inch high railcar shall be within the Gabarit International
de Chargement (GIC) clearance diagram (see figure 4). Air transport. The class 4 compressor at maximum gross weight shall be
roll-on/roll-off (RORO) transportable in an operational configuration by C-130 and C-141
aircraft without need of shoring. Criteria for air transports defined in MIL-STD-1791. Lifting provision. The class 4 (base-mounted) 15 cfm compressor shall be equipped
with permanently affixed provision conforming to MIL-STD-209, class 1, type III or class 3,
type III that will enable the compressor-trailer and compressor to be lifted in its normal travel
position. Instructions shall be stenciled above or near each provision on the base-mounted
compressor warning that the lifting provision shall not be used when the compressor is mounted
on the trailer chassis. Tiedown provisions. The compressor-trailer combination shall have permanently
affixed provisions that permit fastening the compressor-trailer to floor or deck of a transport
medium. Tiedown provisions shall meet the requirement of MIL-STD-209, class 2, type III or
class 3 type III and with MIL-STD-209 for air transport restraint criteria.
3.24.7 Mobility. The class 4, size 15-cfm compressor, chassis combination shall be capable
of being towed over paved roads, unimproved surfaces and crosscountry terrain at normal towing

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