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Page Title: Exhaust and fuel system.
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MIL-C-52980B Tilted operation. Tilt the compressor 15 degrees from the horizontal about the
longitudinal axis and operate in this position for 30 minutes. This test shall be performed in each
of the four directions (compressor tilted with respect to longitudinal and transverse axes). Allow
the compressor to stand for 4 hours in the tilted position most likely to adversely affect the
lubrication or fuel system, then start and operate the compressor for 30 minutes. Any
malfunction due to tilted operation, permanent deformation of any part of component, or leakage
of gasoline from the tank shall constitute failure of this test. Class 3. Casters. Push and pull the compressor horizontally in all directions, turn the
compressor 360 degrees, and tilt the compressor in 15 degrees from the horizontal in all
directions. Overturning or any condition that interferes with the maneuverability of the
compressor or physical damage to the compressor shall constitute failure of this test. Exhaust and fuel system. Engine exhaust. Measure the engine exhaust pressure from a pressure tap
approximately 2 inches from the exhaust manifold flange with the compressor operating at the
maximum speed and the horsepower output specified herein. Exhaust pressure in excess of that
specified in 3.26.5 shall constitute failure of this test. When the engine exhaust muffler is
furnished by the Government as part of the military design engine, this test is not required. Gasoline tank capacity. Fill the gasoline tank. Start the compressor and operate
at rated capacity and pressure until the engine ceases to operate due to lack of fuel. The elapsed
time of operation shall be recorded. No refueling or auxiliary fuel supply shall be allowed.
Elapsed operation time of less than as specified in 3.26.3 shall constitute failure of this test. Road test. Tow the class 4, size 15-cfm compressor, for a distance of 100 miles at
maximum safe speeds. Twenty-five miles of this travel shall be on cross-country terrain
(see 6.9) and 75 miles shall be on primary roads. Operation on smooth, paved surfaces shall
include not less than 15 abrupt stops from a speed of 25 mph in the forward direction, not less
than five abrupt stops from a speed of 2 mph in the reverse direction, and not less than 10 sharp
turns to the left and 10 to the right at not less than 25 mph. Radii of the sharp turns shall be not
greater than 150 feet. Displacement or damage to welded, bolted, or riveted connections or
failure to operate as specified shall constitute failure of this test. Center of gravity test. Determine the horizontal center of gravity of the class 4, size
15-cfm compressors when mounted on the trailer as specified in 3.24. Nonconformance to 3.24
shall constitute failure of this test.

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