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Page Title: Tilted operation
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MIL-C-52980B Tilted operation - class 4. Tilt the class 4, size 15-cfm compressor 15 degrees from
the horizontal about the longitudinal axis and operate in that position for 30 minutes. Repeat this
test in each of the four directions (compressor tilted with respect to the longitudinal and
transverse axes). Allow the compressor to stand for 4 hours in the tilted position most likely to
adversely affect the lubrication or fuel system and then start and operate the compressor for
30 minutes in that position. Any malfunction due to tilted operation such as lack of lubrication,
rough or erratic operation, or permanent deformation of any part or component shall constitute
failure of this test. High temperature. Conduct the high temperature test on the class 4, size 15-cfm
compressor as specified in The test shall be performed with the canvas cover removed
on the nonwinterized compressor and with all side panels, louvers, and the duct in the open
position or removed on the winterized compressor. In addition to the data specified in,
record the compressor unit and engine lubricating oil sump temperatures, at 30-minute intervals.
Failure to start and operate at rated capacity, pressure, and speed, oil temperature higher than
specified in MIL-STD-1300 for the engine and as specified by the contractor for the compressor
unit, discharged air temperature in excess of ambient +100 F, or requirement for replacement of
parts shall constitute failure of this test. Low temperature. Subject the class 4, size 15-cfm winterized compressor to an
ambient temperature of -50 F until the batteries and the engine and compressor unit lubricating
oil temperatures have stabilized. A 30-minute preheat with a heater conforming to MIL-H-4607,
class 3, or equivalent, shall be utilized prior to attempting to start at -50 F. Start the compressor
with the batteries that were cold soaked with the compressor. Outside power for cranking shall
not be used. After starting, disconnect the heater, replace the duct cover, and operate the
compressor at rated speed, capacity and pressure for not less than 4 hours. Record the data as
specified in at 30-minute intervals. Failure to start after the 30-minute preheat period,
failure to operate at rated speed, pressure and capacity after starting, or requirement for
replacement of parts, shall constitute failure of this test. High temperature shutoff. On the winterized class 4, size 15-cfm compressor,
activate the high cylinder-head temperature control device to stop the engine to determine
conformance to 3.25.8. The device may be activated after complete or partial disassembly from
the engine and by the application of an outside high temperature source to simulate high
cylinder-head temperature. Transportability. Rail impact test. The compressors and their associated, equipment, in their
transport configuration, shall be tested by using the following rail impact test procedure.
Nonconformance to, or if any component breaks, cracks, or any permanent deformation
shall constitute a failure of the test.

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