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Page Title: Radio interference suppression
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MIL-C-62326B Starting system. A 12-volt dc electrical starting system shall be provided. Lighting. The lighting shall include two high and low sealed-beam driving
lights, brake lights, back-up lights, interior dome and dash lights, and reflectors. Switches for
operating and dimming shall be located convenient to the driver. The dash light(s) shall be
located or shielded to eliminate a reflection on the carrier windshield. All exterior lights shall be
rigidly mounted. The driving lights shall be protected against damage from brush and tree limbs
by a brushguard. When specified (see 6.2), an adjustable, roof-mounted spotlight shall be
provided. Radio interference suppression. The vehicle shall be suppressed to limit
electromagnetic radiation in accordance with SAE J551. Any body equipment emitting
electromagnetic radiation shall be suppressed to the same level as the vehicle chassis.
3.4.3 Fuel tank. A fuel tank with a minimum capacity of 29 gallons shall be furnished.
The tank shall provide easy access for refueling. If the tank is inside the cab or body, the tank
vent and filler lines shall be conveniently located to provide for exterior filling of the tank and to
prevent the danger of fumes or leakage inside the vehicle.
3.4.4 Transmission. An automatic transmission shall be furnished. The transmission
shall include a hydraulic torque converter and shall provide not less than three forward speeds
and one reverse speed. The input torque capacity of the transmission shall be at least equal to the
maximum torque delivered by the engine.
3.4.5 Suspension system. The design of the suspension assembly shall permit the
articulation in a vertical plane of the wheel and tire assemblies so that a constant downward
pressure is applied when the vehicle is operated on uneven surfaces and the track guides are
retained in one vertical plane. A track adjusting assembly shall be provided for adjustment of
track tension.
3.4.6 Wheel and tire assemblies. The wheel and tire assemblies shall be standard
automotive or trailer type and shall provide adequate support for the vehicle and the tracks. Tires. Tires shall be pneumatic tube or tubeless type. The tires shall have a rated
capacity at least equal to the load imposed on each tire under all conditions of service with the
vehicle loaded with a payload not less than as specified in table I. When specified (see 6.2),
urethane filled tires shall be provided.

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