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Page Title: Spare tire assembly
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* Spare tire assembly. Unless otherwise specified (see 6.2), an inflated spare tire
mounted on a spare wheel or rim shall be provided. The spare tire and spare wheel or rim shall
be identical to those furnished on the vehicle. When specified (see 6.2), the spare tire assembly
shall be mounted on the vehicle. Threaded fasteners, when used to mount the spare tire assembly
on the vehicle, shall be constructed of or plated with corrosion-resistant material.
3.4.7 Tracks. Track assemblies shall be not less than 36 inches in width and shall be
capable of continued use over snow, barren frozen ground, rocks, mud or sand without undue
damage or excessive wear to drive sprockets, tire guides or grousers. Grousers shall be of heat
treated steel. Aluminum grousers are unacceptable.
3.4.8 Brakes. Brakes capable of completely stopping the vehicle under all conditions
shall be furnished. The braking system shall include a separate emergency brake on the
3.4.9 Cab. The vehicle shall be furnished with a full width cab constructed to withstand
not less than two times the vehicle weight based on ultimate strength of the material. Cab doors
shall be equipped with locks operable from inside the cab through mechanical linkage and with
at least one door equipped with an external, key-operated lock. Grab handles shall be provided
on each side of the cab. Separate driver and passenger doors shall be furnished and shall have
movable, sliding glass windows to provide ventilation. Two seats shall be located in front, for
the driver and a passenger. These seats shall be cushioned and contoured. The driver's seat shall
be adjustable forward and rearward. Seats shall conform to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety
Standards 207 and 302. Manufacturer's standard seat belts shall be installed. All cab glass shall
be of the safety type. The cab shall be fully insulated. Drip rails shall be installed above the cab
3.4.10 Skid plate. A skid plate shall be provided to cover and protect at least the
rearmost 36 inches of the vehicle. The skid plate shall be of not less than 1/4-inch hot rolled
3.4.11 Controls and operating mechanisms. All controls and operating mechanisms shall
be located for left hand drive. Controls shall be complete and conveniently operable by the
driver. Lever controls shall be designed and located to permit easy entrance and exit of the
operator to and from the driver's compartment. Instruments and controls shall be identified as to
their function and installed in a manner to facilitate removal and servicing. All instruments shall
be visible to the driver when seated in the driving position.

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