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Page Title: Heaters and defroster
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3.4.12 Heaters and defroster. The vehicle shall be furnished with a combination heater
and defroster for heating the cab and defrosting both the left and right hand windshields. The
rating of the combination heater and defroster shall be not less than 40,000 British thermal units
(Btu). When specified for type II and III vehicles (see 6.2), an additional heater for heating the
full cab or crew cab (using engine coolant heat) shall be furnished. The rating of the additional
heater shall be not less than 28,000 Btu. The combination heater and defroster and, when
provided, the additional heater shall be complete with blower and mounted controls convenient
to the driver.
3.4.13 Radiator shutters. When specified (see 6.2), radiator shutters shall be provided.
3.4.14 Steering. Hydraulic assist steering shall be furnished.
3.4.15 Windshield washers and wipers. The vehicle shall be equipped with dual
windshield washers and heavy duty dual windshield wipers. Windshield wipers shall be
operated by electric motor(s).
3.4.16 Exhaust system. The exhaust system shall be installed in a manner that will
ensure that the concentration of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) shall not exceed 5 parts per million
(ppm), the concentration of carbon monoxide (CO) shall not exceed 50 ppm and the
concentration of sulfur dioxide (S02) shall not exceed 5 ppm in the vehicle, after eight hours of
operation with all windows and doors closed, with cab air intakes open, with and without all
heaters operating, and with the engine at idle speed. A spark arrester muffler, with at least an 80
percent efficiency rating when tested in accordance with SAE J350, shall be provided.
3.4.17 Winch. When specified (see 6.2), the vehicle shall be furnished with 2-volt dc
electric winch, mounted on the front of the vehicle. The winch shall be of the single drum type
and shall have one forward and one reverse speed. The winch shall be equipped with an
automatic clutch enabling single man operation. The winch shall have a rated single line pull
capacity of not less than 8,000 pounds on the bare drum. The winch shall conform to SAE J706.
The winch shall be wound with not less than 150 feet of 5/16-inch diameter, preformed,
improved plow-steel, independent wire rope core (IWRC) cable and shall be equipped with an
end chain and hook. When specified for type I vehicles (see 6.2), a rear-mounted winch of the
same construction shall be provided.

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