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Page Title: Tropical environment
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4.5,6.7.1 The above sequence of temperature and humidity conditions will constitute one
cycle. Two such cycles shall be applied.  The second cycle shall be completed at 0800 Monday
of the fifth week.  At that time, the test specimen shall be allowed to return to room temper-
ature.  Without drying, wiping, or baking, the test specimen shall be subjected to tests of and Tropical environment. For this test, the cable assembly shall be mated to Torpedo
Tube Cable Connector Mk 42 Mod 1.  The coupled unit shall be-mounted in the test chamber wall
or suitably protected so as to prevent exposing the in-line connector face and the tube side of
the connector.
(a) The test specimen shall be placed in a mold chamber in which a temperature of 86 degrees
F 5 degrees F (303C) and a relative humidity of 90 percent 5 percent shall be maintained,
The test specimen, while so housed, shall be sprayed with a suspension of mixed spores. The
test specimen shall be maintained in this condition for a period of not less than 28 days. At
the end of this period, the test specimen shall be allowed to return to room temperature, and
it shall be examined for evidence of being nutrient to fungi and shall be subjected to the tests
of and  If the test specimen shows susceptibility to fungi, color photographs
shall be taken of any fungus growth on the test specimen.
(b) One type of fungus from each group listed in MIL-T-18404 shall be used in the test
specimen inoculation,  In preparing the spore suspension, distilled water (having a pH value
between 5,8 and 7.2 at 77 degrees F (25C)) shall be prepared by sterilization in convenient
containers (approximately 100 milliliters
each),  Approximately 10 milliliters
the solution shall then be introduced directly into a stock culture and shaken vigorously in
order that a well sporulated suspension will result without disturbing the agar.
(c) This process shall be repeated for each type fungus,  The separate spore suspension
from the various types of fungi shall then be mixed together in an atomizer to provide a com-
posite suspension.  Actively growing cultures in ripe fruiting condition shall be used for
each inoculation and under no condition will the inoculum be kept for more than an 8-hour period.
4.6 Packaging , packing, and marking.  Packaging, packing, and marking shall be examined for
compliance with the requirements of Section 5.
The levels of preservation and packaging shall be as speci-
5.1 Preservation and packaging.
fied (see 6.2),
5.1.1 Level A Unit packaging.  The connector shall be protected with a plastic dust cap and be
wrapped in a transparent bag conforming to characteristics equal to or better than a 0.003-inch
wall thickness of Type 1, Class-E, Style-2 of MIL-B-117.  Loose component parts shall be pro-
tected from damage and may be enclosed in similar plastic bags,  The cable assembly and compon-
ents shall be packed in 3/4-inch thick cellulosic material conforming to PPP-C-843, Type-II,
Class-B and packed in a 12-1/4 x 12-1/4 x 6-13/16 inch fiberboard container in accordance with
Drawing 757989.
5.1.2 Level B.
Not applicable.
5.1.3 Level C.  The cable assembly shall be packaged in accordance with the manufacturer's
commercial practice,
Packing shall be Level A or Level C, as specified (see 6.2),
5.2 Packing.
5.2.1 Level A. Consolidation container.  The cable assemblies, packaged as described in,
shall be packed, three each, in a wooden box in accordance with PPP-B-621. Class-2 and may be
shipped individually in small lots.

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