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Page Title: Barrel assembly
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tolerance limits, physical properties, degree
ceeding 35 pounds applied to the sear slide
of surface roughness, and final protective
and by a load not exceeding 23 pounds applied
to the sear.
f i n i s h e s specified on the drawings and
shall be in accordance with Specification
3.5 Striker indent. The indent, taken in
copper compression cylinders of 99.90 percent
3.1.2 Marking. Unless otherwise specified,
pure copper, soft annealed, shall be within
each machinegun, and each component there-
the range of 0.017 to 0.023 inch.
of for which markings are prescribed, shall
be clearly marked in accordance with the
3.6 Interchangeability. All components and
drawings and Specification MIL-W-13855.
assemblies on lists supplied by the procuring
(See 6.1.)
agency, which substantially contain those
parts maintained for replacements, shall be
3.1.3 Barrel assembly. The barrel bore
interchangeable. (See 6.1.)
shall be straight, and the lands shall be well
defined. The bore shall be free of scratches,
3.7 Headspace. The distance between the
cracks, seams, and pits. Pockets, rings, and
rear face of the barrel and the face of the
bulges not exceeding .0005 inch in depth or
bolt shall be within the limits specified in
two inches in length shall be allowed in the
bore, provided they do not occur within four
inches of the muzzle end. Slight scratches or
3.8 Timing. Machineguns shall meet the
marks, occurrng in a chamber which other-
timing requirements specified in 4.3.8.
wise meets the surface roughness require-
ments, shall be permitted provided they do
3.9 High pressure resistance. Guns and
not cause marks on the case of a high pres-
critical spare parts shall be capable of with-
sure test cartridge fired in the chamber.
standing the disruptive pressures of a proof
cartridge. After proof firing, components and
3.1.4 Cocking lever retraction. The cocking
assemblies shall be checked for cracked and
lever shall retract the firing pin assembly,
weakened conditions and the recoil plate in
when operated by hand, sufficiently to insure
the face of the bolt shall be checked for
engagement of the firing pin extension hook
to the sear hook.
3.10 Functioning. Machineguns shall func-
3.1.5 Firing pin. The point of the firing pin
tion smoothly and properly without mal-
shall be smooth and well rounded. There shall
functions or breakages, and shall have sufi-
be no hand stoning of the firing pin point.
cient power to withstand the belt pull test
specified in 4.3.10.
3.1.6 Firing pin protrusion. The firing pin
protrusion shall be such as to insure proper
3.11 Cyclic rate of fire. Machineguns shall
cartridge ignition.
maintain an average rate of fire of 450 to
600 shots per minute.
3.2 Springs. When specified on the draw-
ings, springs shall be subjected to an en-
3.12 Targeting. Machineguns shall meet
durance test.
the targeting requirements specified in 4.3.12.
3.3 Carburization. Carburized components
shall have the depth of case and the hard-
3.13 Accuracy. Machineguns shall meet the
accuracy requirements specified in 4.3.13.
ness prescribed on the drawings.
3.4 Firing pin release. The firing pin as-
3.14 Endurance. Machineguns shall be cap-
able of passing an endurance test of 10,000
sembly shall be released by a load not ex-

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