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Page Title: Brake-clear and brake switch (Manual)
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MIL-G-45981(WC) Brake-clear and brake switch (Manual). The BRAKE-CLEAR
AND BRAKE switch is a three position switch which is spring loaded to
the OFF (center position. The BRAKE switch, when held in BRAKE po-
sition, shall release the gun drive motor brake and allow rounds to be
cycled through the gun by manually rotating the gun barrel cluster.
The BRAKE-CLEAR switch, when held in the BRAKE-CLEAR position, shall re-
lease the gun drive motor and energize the declutching feeder solenoid
which shall prevent rounds from being fed into the gun.  The spring
loaded OFF position (center position) shall prevent the gun barrel cluster
from being manually rotated.  Testing shall be as specified in
3.3.20 Safety travel lock.  The positive safety travel lock when
engaged shall prevent unintentional slewing of the mount and barrel
assembly rotation.  Testing shall be as specified in
3.3.21 Remote safe switch. A remote safe switch (when attached)
shall prevent unintentional firing of the gun by replacing the firing
circuit arming connector with a manually controlled switch. This switch
shall permit remote control of the ability to fire the gun. Testing
shall be as specified in
3.3.22 Sustained use. When operated within an ambient temperature
of 32 to 125F with battery power only and the firing rate switch in
the high position, the weapon system shall fire three 60 round bursts at
7 minute intervals. The ambient temperature at which these firings are
conducted shall be within 10F of the ambient temperature at which rates
of fire were established in 3.3.5. The system battery power shall remain
ON during the intervals between bursts. Degradation of the third burst
shall not exceed 15 percent of the performance as recorded for the system
in meeting 3.3.5, 3.3.6 and 3.3.7. Testing Shall be as specified in
3.3.23 Low voltage warning indicator and interrupting circuit. The
low voltage warning indicator shall be energized during periods of low
system voltage. When the voltage drops below 22 vdc minus l 22 vdC} the
indicator light shall flash. When the voltage drops below 20.5 vdc .21
vdc the indicator light shall be constantly illuminated and shall inter-
rupt power to the sight current generator, radar, inverter, and sight gyro.
Testing shall be as specified in
3.3.24 Low voltage test/override switch.  The low voltage test/
override switch shall perform as indicated in the following positions:
Testing shall be as specified in
a. NORMAL position: The switch shall permit the actions
noted in 3.3.23.

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