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Page Title: High-pressure resistance test
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MIL-G-45140B The magazine presented with the gun shall be fired at
least on full magazine.
4.6.2 High-pressure resistance test. Guns shall be tested by firing one round of government
standard high-pressure test ammunition using a contractor designed, gov-
ernment approved mount.  Guns shall be tested with complete bolt assem-
blies (extractor, plunger, etc.,) installed. Each barrel shall have been
high-pressure tested and magnetic particle inspected before assembly to
the gun for this test.  The gas regulator shall be set at the closed posi-
tion and the slide locked into battery (with an insert between rear of
slide and rear of ejection port slot) before the gun is high-pressure
tested. Breeching space shall be gaged after proof firing, prior to
acceptance, using the inspection equipment in accordance with Drawing
F7319998 (see Each bolt shall be magnetic particle inspected as prescribed
on the applicable drawing after proof firing for evidence of cracks and
seams. Cartridge cases shall be visually examined for bulges, splits,
rings or other defects caused by defective barrels. Proof marks and magnetic particle inspection marks shall be
applied as indicated on the applicable drawings cm guns that have passed
this teat.
4.6.3 Targeting and accuracy firing test. Guns shall be tested
using the mount conforming to Drawing F7270736. The firing of one warmup
shot off the target shall be allowed prior to boresighting and firing the
gun for targeting and accuracy.  The gun shall be boresighted on the
sighting image depicted on Drawing C7268261 using the boresight in accor-
dance with Drawing D7270727.  The mounts shall then be locked in the bore-
sighted position and the boresight removed.  Ten consecutive shots shall
be fired from one magazine and the target shall be checked to determine
whether the targeting and accuracy requirements have been met.
4.6.4  Operating rod protrusion test.  The guns shall be tested
with the gun held in a horizontal position. The charging handle shall
be operated several times to reciprocate and establish a stable position
of the operating rod. When the operating rod has established a stable
position and with the bolt held open, the distance between the face of
the receiver and the shoulder of the operating rod shall be measured
using the inspection equipment in accordance with Drawings A7270473 and

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