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Page Title: Component parts and concurrent repair parts testing
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4.5, Interplant.  When guns are manufactured concurrently by
more than one contractor, each contractor shall forward monthly eight guns
for the interplant interchangeability test specified in (see 6.1).
The contractor will be informed of the results of the test which indicates
failure of the guns to meet prescribed requirements. Component parts and concurrent repair parts testing. Raw ma-
terial testing, part testing, and certification shall be performed in
accordance with the criteria specified in the contract (see 6.1). This
will include chemical analysis and physical tests of materials, and tests
of protective finish, heat treatment, bonding and functioning of parts as
applicable.  The contractor shall accomplish these tests prior to assembly
of parts into the end item.
4.5.4 Packag ing examination and testing.  Unless otherwise speci-
fied (see 6.1), the packaging examination and testing shall be in accor-
dance with MIL-P-14232.
4.5.5 Inspection equipment.
Acquisition, maintenance and disposition. Unless otherwise
specified (see 6.1), responsibility for acquisition, calibration, mainte-
nance and disposition of acceptance inspection equipment prescribed on
List of Inspection Equipment Numbers EL7268115-I and for all other inspec-
tion equipment required by applicable specifications, shall be in accor-
dance with MIL-I-45607. Accuracy of standard measuring equipment. When commercial
and modified commercial inspection equipment is used, it must be capable
of repetitive measurements to an accuracy of 10 percent of the total
tolerance of the characteristic being inspected.
4.6 Test methods.
4.6.1 Functioning firing test. Guns shall be tested using a contractor designed, Government
approved mount. The gun shall be prepared for firing using lubricant in
accordance with VV-L-800. Apply light coat of oil to all surfaces of
the bolt assembly, slide assembly and receiver. With the gas regulator set at 1 1/2 turns from the closed
position, the gun shall be accepted when 20 consecutive rounds are fired
without a malfunction. If a total of 2 low-power malfunctions occur be-
fore 20 consecutive rounds are fired, the gun shall be rejected subject to
reconditioning. If 2 high-power malfunctions occur before 20 consecutive
rounds are fired, the gas regulator shall be turned towards the closed
position (but not more than 1/2 turn) until 20 consecutive rounds are
fired without malfunction.

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