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MIL-G-85103B(AS) Yield factor of safety. The minimum yield factor of safety shall
be 1.33. Any deformation remaining after application and removal of loads which
are 1.33 times the limit loads shall not adversely affect the aircraft or gun
system installation, nor shall such deformation be detectable upon visual
3.4 Documentation.
3.4.1 Drawings. As a minimum, when specified in the contract or purchase
order, gun system drawings shall include detail, subassembly, assembly, and
schematics to completely define the gun system in accordance with DOD-D-1000,
Level II (see 6.2).
3.4.2 System of units. The design and documentation of the gun shall be in
units defined by the International System of Units based on "Le Systeme Inter-
national d'Units (SI)" of the International Bureau of Weights and Measures*
These units are described in ASTM E 380-76 (ANSI Z210.1-1976) or successor
documents as listed in DODISS. All other gun system parts shall be in
English units of measure. Existing designs. Existing designs dimensioned in U.S. customary
(inch-pound) units will be converted to metric units only if determined to be
necessary or advantageous. Commercial designs. Material components, parts, subassemblies,
and semifabricated materials which are of commercial design shall be specified in
metric units only when economically available and technically adequate. Bulk
materials shall be specified in metric units when it is expedient or economical
to do so. Dual dimensioning. Use of dual dimensions (i.e, both metric and
U.S. customary) on drawings shall be avoided unless it is determined in specific
instances that such usage will be beneficial. However, the use of tables to
translate dimensions from one system of measurement to the other is acceptable.
3.4.3 Test plans. Contractor proposed test plans and procedures shall
specify methods to be used for acceptance and qualification of the gun system,
including environmental, EMC, reliability, and maintainability tests. Test
plans and procedures shall be subjected to review by the procuring activity (see
3.5 Logistics. The gun system shall be capable of being supported
logistically within the Navy and Marine operations environment, ashore and
afloat, in accordance with the integrated logistics support requirements
specified in the contract or purchase order (see 6.2).
3.6 Personnel and training. Personnel and training shall be in accordance
with the integrated logistics support requirements specified in the contract or
purchase order (see 6.2).
3.7 Major component characteristics.
3.7.1 Ammunition pak. The ammunition pak consists of the mounting
hardware, structure, aerodynamic fairings, ammunition container, and electrical

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