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Page Title: Gun subsystem
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assembly. The pak contains the ammunition storage device, conveyors, and chuting
as necessary to store and handle the ammunition specified in The
complement of ammunition shall be capable of being loaded by two men in twenty
minutes. Except for the blast deflector contours, the exterior ot the pak shall
be the opposite hand aerodynamic shape of the gun pak with installation symmetry
about the aircraft centerline when both paks are installed. Mounting hardware. The mounting hardware used to attach the pak
structure to the airframe attach points shall be accessible. Parts requiring
alignment shall be self centering, and parts requiring force for installation/
removal shall not have machine threads. Aerodynamic fairings. The aerodynamic fairings shall provide rapid
access for loading ammunition into the ammunition storage device or shall provide
for rapid removal/replacement if removable ammunition container/containers are
utilized. Ammunition storage device or removable ammunition container. If an
ammunition storage device for linked or linkless ammunition is considered, the
logistic impact shall be defined at the initial design review. Removal ammunition container. If a removable ammunition
container (or containers) is considered, removal of empty or partially loaded
container/containers and replacement or preloaded container/containers shall be
affected within the loading time as specified in 3.7.1. Electrical assembly. The electrical assembly shall contain such
power supplies, control logic, control circuits, rounds remaining circuit,
unclear light circuit, etc., as necessary to control and operate the gun system.
3.7.2 Ammunition crossover. The ammunition crossover consists of the
structure, fairings, and conveyor as necessary to smoothly transfer the ammuni-
tion from the ammunition pak to the gun transfer unit in the gun pak. The
fairings shall blend with the existing aircraft fuselage and make a minimum drag
index change over the baseline gun pod installation. The crossover interface
with the gun feeder will require critical interface between the gun developer and
the ammunition storage and handling developer.
3.7.3 Gunpak. The gun pak mounted on the aircraft consists-of the mounting
hardware, structure, aerodynamic fairings, gun subsystem, and gun muzzle blast
suppressor. Except for th eblast deflector contours, the exterior of the gun pak
shall be the opposite hand aerodynamic shape of the ammunition pak with installa-
tion symmetry about the aircraft centerlne when both paks are installed.
Mounting hardware shall be fully interchangeable with mounting hardware in Rapid access shall be provided for safing the gun in a flight deck
3.7.4 Gun subsystem. The gun subsystem is a major component of the gun
system and shall consist of the following components:
a. Gun
Transfer unit

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