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Drive assembly
Recoil control device. Gun.  The gun is a major component Of the gun subsystem and shallbe
capable of firing and handling the ammunition specified in without barrel
modification or any other adjustment. The gun shall provide the TP-T and HEI-T
projectile with a muzzle velocity of 1,050 meters per second (3,444 feet per
second) at 21C. The HEI-T and TP-T projectiles shall be dynamically and gyro-
scopically stable when forward from an aircraft flying at 500 knots indicated
airspeed at mean sea level at a temperature of -51C, with -54C desirable. Gun barrel indexing.  If the gun is a rotary mechanism, there
shall be a method of manually indexing each barrel in order to provide gun timing
and a true boresight point (see 6.3.1). Gun drive attachment. The gun drive attachment shall not be an
integral part of the gun mechanism. The drive assembly shall attach to the gun
with bolts, pins, or other positive means in order to provide the gun with drive
motor options in other possible application. Transfer unit. The transfer unit shall not be an integral part of
the gun mechanism and shall bolt on. Barrels.
The barrels shall be designed for minimum weight
consistent with the burst schedule and barrel durability defined herein. Barrel
rifling shall be optimized to provide minimum barrel erosion and apply minimum
torque to the projectile consistent with the projectile performance specified
herin. The barrels shall provide a method of attaching optional muzzle devices
such as blast diffuser, muzzle brake, or flash hider for other installations. Additional features. The gun shall have the following features
to enhance the utility of the gun in other possible applications:
a. By the attachment of an appropriate feeder or loader, the gun shall be
capable f accepting ammunition, linked or linkless, double ended or
single ended handling and storage systems.
b. Be capable of firing a minimum of 4,000 rounds per minute with no
significant degradation of durability and reliability.
c. Be capable of providing reverse clearing. Transfer unit. The transfer unit shall attach to the gun by means
of bolts. A positive means shall be provided for indexing the transfer unit to
the gun to assure proper timing of the two components. The transfer unit shall
accept ammunition from a hand-off. Drive. The drive shall accelerate the gun from rest to firing rate
and provide means of controlling the firing rate during the firing burst. The
drive shall contain the necessary motor, gearing, speed sensor devices, and speed
control devices. A break shall be provided to assist gun stopping at the end of
the firing burst and to hold the gun from functioning before and after firing

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