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Page Title: Wheel Gear and Drive Pinion
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MIL-H-904J wheel gear and drive pinion. The trolley wheel gear and drive pinion shall be made
of steel, malleable iron, or bronze in accordance with QQ-B-728. Trolley equalizers. Means shall be provided for distributing the hoist load equally into
the trolley side frames. Hoist track clamps. When specified (see 6.2), quick acting track clamps shall be
provided for locking fully loaded trolley hoists to the track. The clamps shall be adjustable for wear
and shall function equally well on curved or straight track. The clamps shall function without
increasing the trolley wheel shaft or wheel bearing load, and in such a manner that the stresses
resulting from locking wiIl be taken up in the trolley frame. The operating device for trolley track
clamps shall be either a chain wheel equipped with a hand chain, a lever, or a drum and lanyard.
`The hand pull required to set or release the trolley track clamps shall not exceed 80 pounds. The
chain or lanyard drop from the beam shall end approximately 2 feet less than the specified lift of
the hoist. The trolley track clamps shall show no sign of slipping or of permanent deformation (see
4.7.4). Curved track. Unless otherwise specified (see 6.2), the trolley wheels shall be spaced
to negotiate curved track at the radii shown in tables III, IV, and V. Wheel preventer bars. Trolley wheel preventer bars shall be provided to prevent the
trolley wheel flanges from riding up onto the supporting beam.
3.3.8 Chain container. When specified (see 6.2), types C, D, E, F, and G shall be equipped
with a load chain container of durable construction to store the slack load chain. The load chain
container shall have sufficient volume to contain the slack load chain and shall be located to
prevent interference with the hoist operation.
3.3.9 Overload capacity of class 3 hoists. Class 3 hoists shall pass periodic dynamic overload
tests at 125 percent of rated load and periodic static overload tests at 150 percent of rated load.
3.3.10 Load limiting device. When specified (see 6.2), a load limiting device shall be provided
as part of the hoist. This device shall prevent the hoist from lifting a load greater than 125 percent
of rated load.
3.4 Type C, hook suspension. Type C hook suspension shall conform to the requirements
of table II and as specified herein.
3.5 Types II and E, plain and geared trolley suspension. Types D and E plain and geared
trolley suspension shall conform to the requirements of table III and as specified herein. The
efficiency and hand chain pull requirements shall be in accordance with table II.

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