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Page Title: Radiographic examination
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4.3.5 Radiographic examination. All assembled initiators shall be radiographically examined
in accordance with MIL-STD-453, with the exception that an initiator assembly will be used for the
penetrameter. Any observable imperfections in components or assembly shall be cause for
rejection. The initiators shall be positioned for the most revealing exposure, with the long axis
of each assembly perpendicular to the rays of the X-ray machine. All initiators shall be
identified with serial numbers prior to X-ray examination. The serial numbers shall be in
consecutive order beginning withthe number 001 in each production lot. Any missing numbers are
to be identified on the X-rays. The initiators shall be arranged on trays or boards in consecutive
numericalorder,and each radiographshall carry a permanent identification of the units displayed
thereon. The radiographic plate identification shall include item nomenclature, the complete lot
number, the span of serial numbers displayed, and the contract number. The radiographs of the
entire production lot shall accompany the ballistic sample to the activity conducting the
production lot acceptance test. Defective initiators found during X-ray review are to be marked
on the X-ray prior to shipment and those defective items shall be removed from the production lot.
Film interpretation of the radiographs shall verify the presence and correct positioning of the
following parts:
a. O-ring present, P/N MS28775-214
b. Steel balls present (3 each), P/N MS19060-3
c. Firing pin, P/N 8595407
d. Spring, initiator, P/N 8595406
e. Seal, P/N 10524102
f. Firing pin housing, P/N 8595408
g. Retainer, cartridge, P/N 8594860
h. Cap setscrews No. 10, (0.190)
i. Cartridge, delay M93, P/N 8593312
j. Pin, initiator, P/N 8595403
k. Chamber, P/N 8594857
l. Cap, P/N 8595404
4.3.6 Functional. Ballistics. The test sample shall be rigidly supported in the fixture and fired by
a source delivering an output of 700 +25, 0 psig at the end of 3 feet of aircraft hose, MS28741-4,
at 70 5 F. The sample shall be tested within 5 minutes after removal from the temperature
conditioning chamber. When this time limit is exceeded, the sample units shall be reconditioned
in accordance with Required pressure readings shall be taken as specified in 3.6.1. Temperature conditioning. Each assembled initiator shall be conditioned for not less
than 4 hours nor greater than 24 hours. When reconditioning initiators at 60 F, all condensation
shall be removed from the interior surfaces before returning the initiator to the conditioning
4.4 Inspection of packaging. The sampling and inspection of the packaging, packing, and
container marking shall be in accordance with section 5.

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