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Page Title: Quality Assurance Provisions
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3.3 Hardness and other physical properties. Hardness and other physical properties required by the
drawing shall be uniform throughout the part within specified tolerances. Requirements for all alloy steel parts
shall be achieved by quenching and tempering.
3.4 Hydrostatic pressure. The initiator chamber and cap shall withstand a hydrostatic pressure of 14,000
to 15,000 pounds per square inch (psi) for 15 seconds, minimum, without deformation or mechanical failure
(see 6.4.1).
3.5 Shear pin strength. The shear pin, after application of protective finish, shall shear when a load of
41 5 pounds is applied at the steady rate of 0.125 inch per minute.
3.6 Metal parts assembly. Parts shall be combined to produce an assembly which conforms to the
requirements of the metal parts assembly drawing. All threaded joints shall be assembled handtight.
3.7 Protective finish. Protective finish shall be in accordance with the applicable specifications and shall
apply to all surfaces of the component regardless of contour configuration.
3.8 Residual magnetism. The metal parts assembly shall not deflect the indicator of the compass more
than five degrees in either direction using procedures in 4.6.5.
3.9 Workmanship. Initiators shall be free of cracks, splits, or other defects which might prevent proper
mating with connecting parts or proper functioning of the device.
3.9.1 Metal defects. All components shall be free from cracks, splits, cold shuts, inclusions, porosity,
or any similar defect.
3.9.2 Burr. No part shall have a burr which might interfere with the assembly or function of the item or
which might be injurious to personnel handling the item.
3.9.3 Foreign matter. No part or assembly shall contain chips, dirt, grease, rust, corrosion, or other
foreign matter.
4.1 Responsibility for inspection. Unless otherwise specified in the contract or purchase order, the
contractor is responsible for the performance of all inspection requirements (examinations and tests) as
specified herein. Except as otherwise specified in the contract or purchase order, the contractor may use his
own or any other facilities suitable for the performance of the inspection requirements specified herein, unless
disapproved by the Government. The Government reserves the right to perform any of the inspections set
forth in this specification where such inspections are deemed necessary to ensure supplies and services
conform to prescribed requirements (see 6.2).
4.1.1 Responsibility for compliance. All items shall meet all requirements of sections 3 and 5. The
inspection set forth in this specification shall become a part of the contractor's overall inspection system or
quality program. The absence of any inspection requirements in the specification shall not relieve the
contractor of the responsibility of ensuring that all products or supplies submitted to the Government for

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