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Page Title: Landing gear
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3.6.9 Intervehicular connection.  When a vehicular electrical system is
specified (see 6.2) the kettle shall be furnished with an intervehicular
electrical harness as specified (see 6.2) for connecting the towing vehicles,
electrical system to the kettle's systems.  The harness shall be installed on
the kettle so that it will extend forward between 36 and 42 inches toward the
towing vehicle, measured from the harness plug to the towbar with the harness
doubled back on the kettle.  The harness shall be routed or protected so that
dropping of the tailgate of the towing vehicle shall not cause physical damage.
When a 12 and 24 volt vehicular electrical system is specified, intervehicular
harness compatible with each system shall be provided as specified herein.
3.6.10 Towbar components.  The towbar shall be constructed to embody
structural strength to meet or exceed the following requirements: support and
transport the weight of the kettle at maximum gvw; transmit and distribute the
imposed load to the suspension system and eye, and resist bending and twisting
without permanent deformation or part failure when subjected to the performance
requirements specified herein. The towbar eye shall conform to SAE J847 and
shall have l/8-inch tolerance of the longitudinal centerline of the kettle. The
towbar shall conform to the height range specified in SAE J849 (31 through 37
inches). The lunette (towbar eye) shall be inserted in a support that is welded
into the towbar.  The lunette support shall prevent lunette rotations. Two
safety chains, equipped with safety type grabhooks, shall be furnished and shall
conform to SAE J697 and to DOT Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations as
specified herein.  The forward length of each chain hook shall extend forward 36
to 42 inches toward the towing vehicle, measured from the center of the towbar
eye.  The safety chain  hook shall pass through a shackle with a 2-3/4 inch
diameter opening.  The attachment end of the safety chains shall be either
perimeter welded or bolted to the towbar.
3.6.11 Landing gear. A single-leg landing gear with capacity to fulfill the
requirements specified herein, shall be installed on the towbar of the kettle.
The landing gear shall be vertically adjustable for not less than 12 inches.
The landing gear shall either retract or be hinged and fold to provide not less
than the ground clearance of the first trailer crossmember.  The landing gear
shall be arranged for positive locking into park and travel positions. A
folding-type crank handle for operating the vertical adjustment mechanism shall
be furnished.  A travel retainer for the handle shall be provided. The
tangential driver's effort at the handgrip to raise the maximum gvw load shall
not exceed 30 pounds.  The mechanism shall be protected from exposure to foreign
matter which would impair functional efficiency.  The landing gear shall
incorporate a self-alining pad which  will provide a ground bearing load not
exceeding 20 pounds per square inch when the maximum towbar weight is imposed.
The edges of the pad shall be turned up.
3.6.12 Rear support leg.  An adjustable support leg shall be furnished and
shall be located at the left or right rear corner of the kettle.  The support
leg shall be in accordance with the minimum requirements as specified for the
landing gear in 3.6.11.

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