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Page Title: Axle assembly
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roads and a stable ride on paved highways.  The installation of the suspension
shall be in correct alinement with the frame and with the axle so that the two
diagonal measurements from the center of the lunette to these suspension
components do not differ in excess of l/16-inch tolerance for every 10 feet or
fraction thereof.  Elastomer cushioned bumper stops or blocks shall be furnished
to prevent axle-to-frame contact and limit suspension articulation at full
compression (jounce) and rebound.
3.6.5 Axle assembly.  The axle shall be rated by the axle manufacturer at a
continuous load capacity rating of not less than 150 percent of the kettle
weight when loaded to maximum gvw.  The axle hubs shall be of the 5-stud,
4.50-inch bolt circle type.
3.6.6 Wheels, rims, and tires.  The kettle shall be equipped with single
remountable disc wheel and tire assemblies.  The wheel shall be size 16.00 -
4.50 EO, safety rim drop center type having 1.9 inch offset. The disc wheels
shall be of the heavy duty type with T&RA rim.  The rim and wheel disc shall be
constructed by the same wheel manufacturer and shall be in accordance with the
wheel manufacturer's recommendations for the loads and service specified
herein.  Rims, tires, inner tubes, valve cores, and caps shall be in accordance
with the T&RA Yearbook and Supplementary Service Data Book.  The tires shall be
of not less than 100 level quality and shall be the tube or tubeless type,
having a minimum size of 7.00 by 16, load range C (6 ply rating). The load
imposed on each tire, measured on level ground under loaded travel conditions,
shall not exceed the recommended rated loads and inflation pressures of the
tires for 55 mph highway speed for continuous highway operation. Valve caps
shall be of metal and shall be equipped with elastomer inner seals.  Valves
shall be of the C-4, heat resistant types. Balancing.  Tires, wheels, and hubs shall be inherently in-balance,
singly and collectively after assembly, to preclude wheel tramp, drumming, or
excessive tire wear, when operated up to the maximum highway speeds specified
here in.
3.6.7 Fenders.  The kettle shall be equipped with two fenders. The fenders
shall restrict water and other road surface substances thrown from the kettle
wheels.  The fenders shall be either contoured to the normal axle centers or
shall be octagonal shape about the wheels and shall include inner splash
shields. The inner splash shield shall protect the tires from the heat radiated
from the kettle furnace. The fenders shall support a weight of not less than 200
pounds imposed on any l-square-foot area at any time without damage or permanent
deformation.  The outer edges of the fenders shall be rolled to reduce side road
3.6.8 Rear bumper.  The kettle shall be equipped with a horizontal rear
bumper extending the full width of the kettle.  The bumper shall extend rearward
not less than 4 inches from any part of the kettle.  The left and right end of
the bumper shall be rounded and closed to prevent hooking when sideswiped by an

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