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Page Title: Control, identification, safety, and warning plates
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3.12.2 Control, identification, safety, and warning plates.  A plate shall be
furnished for each switch, gage, and control and at all points requiring
attention for safe and efficient operation of the kettle.  The plates shall be
labeled by lettering or other appropriate marking with information such as
function, direction the control is to move, neutral position, safety
instructions, and other warnings or instructions, as necessary.  The plates
shall be anodized aluminum, sunken-etched or raised-relief.  Plates that
describe safety measures or plates that warn against operations detrimental to
the kettle shall be distinguished by the words "CAUTION" or "WARNING" in red
lettering.  The plates shall include, but not be limited to the following:
Flow of asphalt cement in each position of the 3-way
Maximum safe operating pressure of fuel tank.
Instructions for releasing fuel-tank pressure at time of
kettle shut-down.
The plates shall be attached by screws, bolts, or rivets in a conspicuous
protected location.
3.13 Electromagnetic interference.  Unless otherwise specified (see 6.2) the
electromagnetic interference emission and susceptibility characteristics of the
kettle shall conform to SAE J551, devices category.
3.14 Treatment and painting.  The portions of the kettle normally painted
shall be cleaned; treated:  and painted in accordance with MIL-T-704. Parts of
the kettle subjected to a temperature of 400 F or over shall be painted with
heat resistant paint.  Unless otherwise specified (see 6.2) the finishing coat
shall be lusterless forest green in accordance with MIL-E-52929, Type II.
3.15 Stenciling.  The gross weight of each kettle shall be stenciled on each
side of the kettle.  The prescribed tire pressure shall be stenciled on each
fender.  "Lift" and "Tiedown", as applicable, shall be stenciled adjacent to
their respective tiedown and lifting attachments.  All stenciling shall be in
blocktype letters not less than 1 inch high.
3.16 Toolbox.  The kettle shall be provided with a toolbox made of steel not
less than 0.0747 inch in nominal thickness.  The toolbox shall have a hinged lid
with the hinge extending the full length of one edge and shall be provided with
not less than two fasteners that will keep the lid closed when the toolbox is
subjected to vibration.  The toolbox lid shall have an overlapping lip to
prevent entry of rain and dirt.  The toolbox shall be securely mounted in a
protected and accessible location permitting the lid to be opened through an arc
of at least 90 degrees.  The lid shall remain in the fully open position by the
weight of the lid or by holding devices.
3.17 Workmanship.  All parts, components, and assemblies .of the kettle,  .
including castings, forgings, molded parts, stampings, bearings, seals, machined
surfaces, and welded parts, shall be clean and free from sand, dirt, fins, pits,
sprues, scale, flux, and other harmful extraneous material. All exposed edges
shall be rounded or chamfered.

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