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Page Title: Gasoline engine
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The valves used to accomplish the above operations shall be ball or plug type
valves. The material flow through the valve ports shall be indicated by
distinct markings on the valve control stem.  An instruction plate (see 3.12.2)
shall be located near the valve control and the plate shall show the proper
valve setting to perform the above specified operation.  The plates shall be
attached as specified herein.
3.19.6 Gasoline engine. Commercial engine.  The commercial engine shall be a 2- or 4-cycle,
air cooled, gasoline engine equipped with components and accessories necessary
for the required performance of the kettle.  The engine shall be of current
standard production which has been proven commercially acceptable for like
applications and for the type of service specified herein.  The engine shall be
provided with an automatic-rewind rope starter.  The rope shall be galvanized
flexible steel stranded wire rope or nylon. Power and speed rating.  The power and speed rating of the engine
shall be such that it shall provide sufficient power and torque to operate the
kettle under any of the operational requirements and conditions specified
herein, without exceeding the engine manufacturer's published continuous
horsepower rating, or 85 percent of the manufacturer's published maximum
horsepower rating, at the applicable speed. Engine fuel tank.  A fuel tank conforming to the contractor's
commercial standard except as
tank capacity shall be sufficient for 4 hours of operation at the maximum fuel
rating of the engine.  The tank and all lines shall be located or positioned to
eliminate fire hazard caused by spilling, overflow, or drainage of fuel. The
tank shall be stenciled:  "FILL WITH GASOLINE ONLY".  When a two cycle engine is
used, the tank shall be marked indicating the gasoline and oil mixture. Gear reduction and clutch.  The pump shall be driven through a
base-mounted gear reduction and a clutch. The clutch shall be a
manually-operated plate or disk type and shall be mounted between the gear
reduction and the pump.  The clutch shall transmit not less than 150 percent of
the maximum torque developed by the engine.  All components of the gear
reduction and clutch shall be accessible for lubrication, adjustment, and
installation of repair parts.  Quick-detachable couplings.  Quick-detachable couplings shall be
provided on the pump discharge, drain valve, hose ends, and handspray
attachment.  The couplings shall be of the ground joint type. Housing.  The engine, gear reduction, clutch and pump shall be
completely enclosed in a metal housing.  The housing shall have an access lid
that permits access to the engine, gear reduction, clutch and the pump.  The lid
shall be hinged with the hinge extending the full length of one edge and shall
be provided with not less than two fasteners that will keep the lid closed when
the housing is subjected to vibration. The lid shall be held in the open
position by the weight of the lid or by holding devices.

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