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Page Title: Bitumen pump and control valve
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leaktight.  Splash plates shall be provided on the top edges. The melting tank
shall be bolted to the furnace shell so as to be removable.  TwO removable,
perforated-steel plates shall be provided in the melting tank for separating the
cold material from the melted material.  When in position, the plates shall form
an inverted V and shall run the full length of the tank.  An outlet shall be
provided at the lowest point in the tank and shall be fitted with a l-1/2-inch,
3-way valve arranged for connecting the kettle to the pump, to the hand-spray
attachment, or to a drain valve for draining the melting tank by gravity. The
melting tank shall have a capacity of 165 gallons plus 4 percent for expansion.
3.19.2 Furnace shell.  The furnace shell shall be constructed of sheet steel
not less than 0.1046 inch in nominal thickness.  All seams shall be welded. The
top edges shall be flanged to form a support for the melting tank. Baffle plates
and a vent stack made of steel shall be provided.  The baffle plates shall be
bolted in place and shall be arranged to provide heat circulation completely
around the sides and the bottom of the melting tank.  There shall be no vent
holes in the sides of the furnace shell.  The vent stack shall be bolted in
place and shall be provided with a hinged cover.  The furnace shell shall have a
burner compartment to accommodate the burner specified in 3.7.1.
3.19.3 Cover.  A hinged cover made of steel not less than 0.0747 inch in
nominal thickness shall be provided on the melting tank.  A device shall be
provided that will hold the cover in the fully open position and also at any
desired angle between fully open and closed position. The cover shall have a
hinge extending the full length of one edge and shall be provided with not less
than two fasteners that will keep the cover closed.
The cover shall have an
overlapping-- lid to prevent entry of rain and dirt.  Handles shall be provided to
aid in raising and lowering the cover.  When specified (see 6.2), a fusible
metal link (heat-sensitive) for holding the cover open shall be provided and
shall be incorporated in the cover holding mechanism to permit gravity closing
of the lid in event of fire.
3.19.4 Grille.  A removable grille, which shall support a 55-gallon drum
while being emptied into the melting tank, shall be provided under the cover.
3.19.5 Bitumen pump and control valve. Pump. The kettle shall be provided with a removable, gasoline-
engine-driven bitumen pump.  The pump shall deliver asphalt cement having a
penetration value between 85 and 100, as determined by the method specified in
ASTM D-5, through the spray nozzles at" a rate of not less than 10 gpm at not
less than 30 psi.  A bypass relief valve shall be provided for the pump. The
pump shall be installed on the kettle and connected to permit the following
Fill the kettle from a supply tank.
Circulate the asphalt cement being heated in the kettle.
Pump the asphalt cement through the hand-spray attachment.
Pump cleaning solvent through the hand-spray attachment
without the solvent entering the melting tank.

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