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Page Title: Test procedures of lifting provisions
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pumping temperature.  Determine the capacity of the pump while pumping the
asphalt cement.  A pump capacity of less than specified in 3.18.5 or 3.18.6
shall constitute failure of this test. Performance (size 2).  Fill the melting tank with asphalt cement
having a penetration value between 85 and 100 as determined by the method
specified in ASTM D5.  Allow the asphalt cement to cool for a period of not less
than 12 hours.  Ignite the burner(s) and heat the asphalt cement until it
reaches pumping temperature  During warm-up, set controls to circulate the
asphalt cement being heated in the melting tank.  When the asphalt cement
reaches spraying temperature, set controls to pump asphalt cement from the
melting tank through the hand-spray attachment and return it to the melting
tank.  Operate the kettle to pump asphalt cement through the hand-spray
attachment for a total period of not less than 8 hours.  The asphalt cement
shall be maintained at the recommended spraying temperature range.  upon
completion of the 8 hours, allow the asphalt to cool for 24 hours.  Operate the
kettle to demonstrate the ability to accomplish the requirements listed below
without repair or replacement of any parts.  Inability to accomplish any
requirement specified herein shall constitute failure of this test. Any
evidence of leakage of asphalt cement, fuel, or gear oil or permanent
deformation of any part of the kettle shall constitute failure of this test.
Set the automatic temperature control (if applicable) and
control the temperature of the asphalt cement in the melting
tank within the limits specified herein.  (Test operation
of control when set 250F, 300F
and 350F.)
b.  Circulate the asphalt cement being heated in the melting
tank without the hand-spray attachment.
c.  Pump asphalt cement through the spray nozzles at a rate of
10 gpm.
d.  Produce 30 psi at the spray nozzles.
e.  Pump asphalt cement into the melting tank from an outside
f.  Pump cleaning solvent through the hand-spray attachment
without the solvent entering the melting tank. Test procedures of lifting provisions.
Lift the kettle and hold in suspension in its normal travel position
using slings that converge not more than 24 feet above the lowest
extremity of the kettle.  Determine the forward angles of application
for each provision.  Measure the clearance between each sling and
the kettle.  Measure eye openings and clearance dimensions of the
provisions.  Measure the load carried by each provision.
Restrain the kettle by anchoring the main frame and subject each
provision to a force equal to the load factor specified in MIL-STD-209
times the load it carried in paragraph (a) above.  An alternate method
of test is to lift the kettle as in (a) above and add weights to the
main frame until the required force is obtained.  Hold the kettle under
either of the above loading conditions for at least 90 seconds.

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