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Page Title: Concurrent repair parts
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* The ten launchers selected for the interchangeability
test shall be subjected to the breech insert removal test using the
test method specified in Failure of the ten launchers to
meet the torque requirements of shall be cause for rejection of
the represented lot.
* Concurrent repair parts . A sample of at least five
parts from each inspection lot of concurrent repair parts shall be sub-
jected to the interchangeability test specified in Failure
of any part to pass the interchangeability test shall be cause for re-
jection of the represented lot of parts. A sample of 10 parts from each
retest or reconditioned lot shall be tested using the test procedures
specified in
* Interplant.  When launchers are manufactured concurrently
by more than one contractor, each contractor shall forward monthly to a
testing agency designated by the procuring agency, five launchers for
the interplant interchangeability test specified in (see 6.1).
The launchers shall be tested for and shall comply with the requirements
for firing pin indent (see and firing pin protrusion (see
before and after interchange of parts using the test methods specified in and, respectively. In addition, the launchers shall be
examined for functioning of the safety (see and shall be tested
for safety actuation torque (see, functioning (see 3.3.1), and
targeting and accuracy (see 3.3.3) after interchange of parts using the
test methods specified in, 4.7.4 and 4.7.6 respectively. Parts
shall be identified with their manufacturer throughout the test. Before
launchers are returned to the contractors, the original parts shall be
reassembled to their respective launchers and the launchers given a hand
functioning test to assure proper operation. Component part and repair parts testing. Raw material test.
ing, part testing, and certification shall be performed in accordance with
the criteria specified in the contract (see 6.1). This will include
chemical analysis and physical tests of materials, tests of protective
finish, heat treatment, bonding, and function of parts as applicable.
The contractor shall accomplish these tests prior to assembly into an end
item or submission for acceptance as repair parts.
4.5.4 Packaging examination and testing. Unless otherwise specified
(see 6.1), the packaging examination and testing shall be in accordance
with MIL-P-14232.

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