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Page Title: Leaf sight alinement test
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MIL-L-45935A Safety actuation torque test. Each launcher shall be test-
ed for the safety actuation torque with the launcher in a horizontal posi.
tion and the safety set at the "safe" position. Government approved in-
spection equipment shall be used. With the torque indicator gage engaging
the lower side corner of the safety, the torque shall be applied gradually
to the rear of the safety in the test direction of the safety motion un-
til movement to the "fire" position is reached. With the safety set at
the "fire" position, a torque shall be identically applied to the front
of the safety until it moves to the "safe" position, and the torque
measured.  The maximum torque measured during the movement of the safety
from the "safe" position to the "fire" position and reverse shall deter-
mine whether the safety actuation torques are within the specified re-
4.7.3 Leaf sight alinement test. Each leaf sight assembly shall
be tested for alinement prior to being assembled onto the handguard.
A Government approved alinement sighting fixture shall be used for this
test. With the elevation and azimuth settings on the central graduation
marks and leaf unfolded to the sighting position, the leaf sight assembly
shall be securely fastened to the alinement sighting fixture. Each range
setting shall be checked for acceptable alinement within the designated
images using the pointer element of the alinement sighting fixture. It
shall be permitted to adjust the sight for either or both one (1) mark
azimuth, one (1) mark elevation in either direction to achieve entrance
into an acceptance image. After such adjustments, the leaf sight assembly
shall be checked for alinement within all of the sighting fixture images
without further adjustment. Each leaf sight assembly that fails to
pass this test shall be rejected as an individual assembly, subject
to corrective action as specified in
4.7.4 Pressure resistance and functioning tests. Each launcher shall
be tested for pressure resistance and functioning concurrently by firing of
one round using Government approved firing fixture. Each barrel shall be
penetrant inspected before application of final protective finish prior
to this test. Barrels shall be examined for cracks, deformations~ and
other evidence of damage. Cartridge cases shall be visually examined for
bulges, splits, rings and other defects caused by defective barrels.
Proof marks shall be applied as specified on the applicable drawing on
launchers that have passed this test.
4.7.5 Endurance test. The launcher shall be tested for endurance by assembling
the launcher to an M16 or M16A1 rifle or Government approved testing
fixture and firing 1000 rounds. The launcher shall be cooled to am-
bient temperature after each 250 rounds fired.

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