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Page Title: Interchangeability test
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MIL-L-45935A Launchers shall be cleaned and oiled after each 250
rounds and at the close of each day's firing. A complete record shall be kept for each endurance test
showing each malfunction and part replacement including the number of
round at which each occurred and corrective action taken. Malfunctions
attributable to ammunition shall not be counted against the launcher;
however, such malfunctions shall be recorded.
4.7.6 Targeting and accuracy test. Testing shall be conducted from
a bench rest position for the targeting and accuracy. The launcher,
complete with leaf sight assembly, and the sights set as specified in
3.3.3, a 20 round group shall be fired at a range of 200 meters using an
Army  "A" type target. The range and deflection of each round shall be
recorded. The standard deviation (range and deflection), the probable
error (range and deflection), and center of impact of the 20 round group
shall be determined within the limits specified. All firing shall be
conducted with wind conditions not exceeding 10 miles per hour.
4.7.7 Interchangeability test. In plant. Launchers.  Launchers shall be tested for interchange-
ability of parts by disassembling and then reassembling parts using the
parts and prearranged system prescribed below. Interchange of parts
shall be accomplished by dividing the parts of each launcher into 10
groups of nonmating parts, distributing the groups into 10 different
trays until each tray contains a complete launcher. Groups of parts
from launcher number 1 shall be taken in order and placed in trays 1
through 10; groups of parts from launcher number 2 shall be taken in
order and placed in trays 2 through 10 to 1; groups of parts from launcher
number 3 shall be taken in order and placed trays 3 through 10 to 2,
etc. Commercial parts such as screws, nuts, washers, and pins shall be
placed in the same tray as their mating or associated part. Any
commercial part rendered unserviceable by disassembly shall be replaced
without penalty to the interchangeability test. The launchers shall be
reassembled using only those parts which are in the same tray. The launcher receiverj prior to reassembly, shall
be securely held, and using a torque wrench shall remove the breech
insert. The breaking torque and average locking torque shall be
recorded and forwarded as specified in the contract in accordance
with contract data requirement (see 6.2).

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