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Page Title: Examination equipment
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(b) More than three duds occur.
of determining the percentage of moisture
shall be in accordance with Specification JAN-
(c) More than one mine bursts below 6
feet above the surface of the
ground, or
4,4.2 Functioning, The sample mines shall
(d) More than one mine fails to burst
be assembled with M10A1 fuzes being packed
at a height above 6 feet with an
with the mines and tested as follows:
audible report within 3.8 to 5.5
seconds. Plant each mine in a hole with base
on firm ground. Cover entire mine up to the
4.3.4 Examination equipment,
top of fuze and fire with pull wire. Observe
for proper functioning. Government verification inspection.
Government verification inspection will be ac-
4.5 Acceptance, The lot of mines will be
complished with the use of gages and equip-
accepted on the following basis:
ment that has been certified, by the contract-
ing officer, to the design specified in the "List
4.5.1 At the beginning of the contract and
of Inspection  Equipment,  number GL-
as long as the Government inspector con-
tinues to perform the verification specified
in, acceptance will be based on the
results of the Government verification SPE- Contractor inspection, Unless other-
cified in
wise specified herein, contractor inspection
will be accomplished with the use of gages
4.5.2 After reduced Government verifica-
and equipment designed to perform, to the
tion specified in has been initiated, ac-
required accuracy, the inspections and controls
ceptance will be based on the results of the
delineated in the contractor's written descrip-
contractors inspection and quality control
tion specified in 4.1.1, In inspecting the con-
and the inspections reserved solely for per-
tractor's inspection equipment the Govern-
formance by the Government and the results
ment will determine that the contractor has
of the monitoring by the Government of the
available and utilized correctly, gaging, meas-
contractor's quality assurance system.
uring and test equipment of required accuracy
and that the instruments are of proper type
and range to make measurements of the re-
quired accuracy. The contractor shall have
5.1 Level A -- Packaging, packing, and
available a set of master gages, standards,
marking, Packaging, packing, and marking
and appropriate instruments for regularly
shall be in accordance with dwgs. F7548411
scheduled calibration of his inspection equip-
and F7548180.
ment. Records of such regularly `scheduled
calibration shall be maintained by the sup-
5.2 Data cards. Data and information shall
plier and made available for review by the
be as specified in Specification MIL-G-2550.
Government. The calibration of gages, stand-
ards, and instruments will be periodically
checked by authorized Ordnance personnel.
6.1 Premature burst. A premature burst is
4.4 Test methods and procedures.
defined as a burning or functioning of the
mine in less than 2 seconds.
4.4.1 Determination of the moisture content
of black powder. The moisture content of the
6.2 Ordering data. Procurement documents
black powder shall be determined at the load-
should specify the title, number, and date
ing station at the time of loading, The method
of this specification.

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