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Page Title: Headrest, horizontal travel.
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MIL-M-45628E(MU) Pelease grip. - The test standard conforming to the require-
ments of Drawing F11728871 shall be utilized for this test. Rotate the
headrest to its uppermost position. Release the Lever Assembly 8298434
and pull to full open position. The headrest ad the lever assembly
shall remain at these positions during this test. Insert the test standard
into the bottom of the mount and push upward until the release grip (Safety
latch) is activated and snaps into position. The release grip shall hold
the test standard in the mount as required by Caution shall be
exercised before releasing or removing hands from test standard to prevent
injury, if the release grip fails. Upon satisfactory completion of this
portion of the test, an upward force, within the range specified in, shall be applied to the test standard. With this upward force
applied, actuate the release grip to its fully disengaged position utilizing
the push-pull gage conforming to the requirements of Drawing A8644448.
The direct pull required to actuate the release grip to its fully dis-
engaged position shall not exceed the applicable values specified in for the temperatures indicated. Full disengagement of the release
grip shall allow the test standard to be removed freely from the mount
without any restrictions (hang-up) as specified in At no time
shall the test standard be allowed to drop freely and strike hard against
any solid object. Lever. - With the Test Standard 11728871 inserted as in,
release the Lever Assembly 8298434 and push to its forwardmost position.
This action will lock the test standard into the mount and the spring load-
ed plunger will secure the lever assembly in a locked position. A dial in-
dicator graduated in .0001 inch increments shall be positioned so that it
contacts the front or the rear button provided on the left side of the test
standard, and then adjusted to read zero with respect to the indicating hand.
Apply a slow steady pressure of 10 pounds, by means of the pus-pull gage
specified in, to the opposite side of the dial indicator contact
point; and then upon releasing the pressure, the indicating hand of the
dial indicator shall not exceed the tolerance specified in Re-
verse the equipment and repeat the above procedure. Upon satisfactory com-
pletion of this portion of the test, repeat the entire above procedure at
the front and rear buttons on the right side of the test standard. Headrest, horizontal travel.- push the headrest until the
Plunger 8262113 engages the detent at each end of the slide. The headrest
shall be firmly secured in each position when subjected to a tactile
examination. While the plunger is disengaged from the detent, the headrest
shall be pushed right and left (a minimum of 3 times) between the detent
positions. The headrest shall slide smoothly without interference and
evidence of binding. Headrest, rotational travel. - Rotate the headrest assembly
through its maximum rotational travel range a minimum of 4 times. During
these rotations, a tactile examination shall be made for undue irregulari-
ties of movement and looseness. Upon successful completion of this portion
of the test, rotate the headrest assembly to its midpoint of travel. When
left in this position, the headrest assembly shall not move. In addition
to checking the headrest assembly at this position, repeat this procedure

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